Maddie M Nov 5
a kiss
sealed lips.
sunset; streamy fountains
the girl, the boy
the love.

Shakespeare's essence
magnifying the words, bring meaning and volatile to youthful emotions!

Venus's stigmatic traps
the viewing art of love making.

unforgettable sins that took place in its current state.
no regrets

how could he ever save her from the devil its self?

this is why the sun and moon never sleep.

one of the them always needs to keep an eyeful on the other one.
let's see if anyone understands this riddle....
Maddie M Nov 5
And to when my flowers were gray;
In my garden
For when they lost their colors
For when they lost their essential  beauty
For when they grew fragile and ill
To where they crumbled to pieces
For those flowers where they once bloomed
are now remembered.
Maddie M Oct 30
In this tight room
I feel the influence of you.
I'm trapped inside of here with you too.

dark navy blue; colors the walls.
with a glass ceiling
with the outlook of the moon, the sun, the stars, the endless black and blue skies, all in order.

a routine that I wake and go to sleep with.
flying colors, seasonal greetings and epilogues.
all kiss me goodbye, all behind a glassed ceiling.

light green eyes, search for freedom
in the wild.
as the captor watches through the lenses of a hidden camera, that resides quietly tucked  away inside of her room.

....she signs

Air filling up her lonely lungs, with her lonely heart...
she sits under the light of the moon, bringing her knees up to her torso, crushing her insides.
what is there to do?
when my shadow has much more freedom than I ever do?

En esta habitación estrecha
Siento la influencia de ti.
Estoy atrapada dentro de aquí contigo también.

azul marino oscuro; colorea las paredes.
con un techo de cristal
con la perspectiva de la luna, el sol, las estrellas, los infinitos cielos ***** y azul, todo en orden.

Una rutina con la que me despierto y me voy a dormir.
Colores voladores, saludos estacionales y epílogos.
todos me dan un beso de despedida detrás de un techo de cristal.

Ojos verdes claros, búscando la libertad.
En la naturaleza salvaje.
mientras el captor mira a través de los lentes de una cámara oculta, que reside en silencio escondido dentro de su habitación.

.... ella firma

El aire llena los pulmones de la bella del cabello *****, con su corazón vacío.
ella se sienta bajo de la luz de la luna, llevando sus rodillas hasta su torso, aplastando sus entrañas, y órganos.
¿que hay para hacer hoy?
¿Cuando mi sombra tiene mucha más libertad de la que yo tengo?
Maddie M Sep 24
The Kingdom of hearts and serenity
Behold! the queen's prosperity, rules,
as for the man in her peripheral emerald fields,
he foretells of a stream boat of many feels.

Pink, red and yellow
the black haired beauty hides,
behind the meadows.

the wandering eyes
behind his black steel color-less eyes
the beauty reflects like the Sun, in disguise.

love blossoms within time,
as for these lovers
dine in the shadow's divine.

glances here and there
giggles, and ripples in the pond,

love is everywhere!
gosh I really like this guy <3
Maddie M Sep 24
The black haired beauty
Inner Thoughts
Part 1.
I couldn't concentrate, I sat in the campus scribbling my ideas onto my laptop.
Emerald Green eyes peered into the biased feces of the trash of poetry I'd written last night, with weary eyes, underneath the telescope of my dear friend moonlight that has been accompanying me night after night.  to be honest, the real reason of my sleepless nights is ....him.
Yes, someone new. a guy who is clearer then the color blue.
my heart feels the juicy red color that passes through my veins, transporting the breath of life. behind his black glasses the sweet kiss that his eyes, gives mine, . I like the creepiness of his stare. the lingering look he gives me when he stands in front of me, the nervousness, the jittery look he has. it's all around me, but I can't fathom why I feel such an attraction to him, he is not a looker but something pulls me towards him.
I could sit here, with my hands on my laptop describing, typing what I feel, the desire, the pull, that drives between us. I may sound delusional, but deep down inside I know he likes me.  he feels it too, I'm not ******* crazy. I have eyes, and these eyes see how awkward he is around me...he's very confusing, does one thing and the other. he glances at me but there's that. I want more of him, I expect more action, but I guess Im letting my self go on.
On Tuesday's and Thursdays I see him, and my heart fills up.
there's color in my cheeks, and a smile of knowing how I make him feel. this feeling came back, ever since last time. I know many of you read what I've been writing, I was hurt by someone who I mistakenly wasted 5 months with when I could've been finding the cure for cancer. but no... it was my last mistake I ever did.  I've been in a  loop hole these couple of  months. I was a complete stranger to myself, I fell out of sorts, finding the cure for my loneliness, my heart and virtue were rapture, kept and thrown away. he really did a number on me, which piles up on my torment full snippet of thoughts that picklocks them in any angle, everything left me feeling fragile and  that made my feelings distorted. I couldn't even feel my face, because of the numbness I contacted. it was like fitting my emotions, feelings, into a key size hole on the door where'd  he left me behind, where he had taken the key with him. (he ****** me over.)
think of it, as Alice in Wonderland. Well, mine was not a wonderland, it was a constant **** that I battled secretly, behind these four walls.
I got hard headed, stubborn as ****, bitter, in a love/hate relationship with my self. basically let me paraphrase it,
I was on the path of self destruction.
read the answer to all those poems  I've written in the past, that were sad, and angst. but someone new has been walking in the fields of my peripheral vision. (I know some are not poems)
Maddie M Sep 14
Tired to so hard to get down your guard.
made you see things that weren't real.
fogged up your thoughts
forced you to be my company  of the hour.
made you obsessed
you fell in love with me even though I told you not to.
I'd warned you.
but still your mind lingers on,
your heart and soul are gone.
you thought you were alone,
but I stole away with you.
when we went to the beach,
we were swallowed by the waves.
on that day the weather was perfect for what I had in mind.
I whisk you away
sweet talked to your ear
you were afraid to paralyze
but I took a token
and sympathize.
my invisible love to you my dear,
I am an illusion
I may be real or not.
Im put together beautifully,
like a song, like a masterpiece.
I am water to your fire,
the coldness to your hot.
the desire to your flesh and bones,
I am what you desire.
you whispered frantically to me
"your my drug, my necessity, my plead,
do you agree?"
I smiled as our faces where in an angle of 180 degrees
nose to nose
as I breathe you into me.

Fatigué de tant de mal à rester sur vos gardes.
vous a fait voir des choses qui n'étaient pas réelles.
embué vos pensées
vous a forcé à être ma compagnie de l'heure.
vous a fait obséder
tu es tombé amoureux de moi même si je t'ai dit de ne pas le faire.
Je t'avais prévenu
mais votre esprit persiste,
votre coeur et votre âme sont partis.
vous pensiez que vous étiez seul,
mais j'ai volé avec toi.
quand on est allé à la plage,
nous avons été avalés par les vagues.
Ce jour-là, le temps était parfait pour ce que j'avais en tête.
Je vous emmène ****
sweet a parlé à votre oreille
tu as eu peur de paralyser
mais j'ai pris un jeton
et sympathiser.
mon amour invisible pour toi ma chérie,
Je suis une illusion
Je peux être réel ou pas.
Je mets bien ensemble,
comme une chanson, comme un chef-d'œuvre.
Je suis de l'eau à ton feu,
la froideur à votre chaud.
le désir de ta chair et de tes os,
Je suis ce que vous désirez
tu me chuchote frénétiquement
"ta drogue, ma nécessité, mon plaidoyer,
êtes-vous d'accord?"
J'ai souri comme nos visages où dans un angle de 180 degrés
nez à nez
comme je te respire en moi.
this guy is whipped.
Maddie M Sep 6
(The Strange boy is seen on his bed, looking at the ceiling, with his arms tucked under his head, he begins to think of ...her)

'her face is always a gentle touch in my eyes.
the memory of her, keeps me up all **** night.
and the nights after.
she's quiet, keeps to her self.
blushes here & there.
but I can see every flaw, she hides underneath it all.
I can say, she's very smart and hides it well.
her portrait is beautiful, however, none of you can tell if she, on the inside is actually falling apart. or not.
because she handles it all so well, that's what makes her the black haired beauty.
I wonder if she thinks of me,
should I text her or no?
what is she doing right now?
I flipped onto my left side watching the clock.
more images sync into my mind...
she's different from all the women that I see.
she's that flower that stands out...
she could have a bag over her head and I still have the  same, never ending infatuation with her.
she has my full attention.
when we speak, she makes me nervous and jittery.
she's my weakness and she doesn't even know it.
that's how much power she exerts over me.
all I know is that she keeps my heart beating.
a scene of a boy thinking of the girl of his dreams...
his inner thoughts.
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