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Patty P Aug 12
In between drinks he whispered,
“I just know, if you’re ever going to leave me, look me in the eyes and  just rip my heart out.” You said to me with your whiskey flavored breath.
-Close encounters
Patty P Jun 28
I trust the next chapter, because I know thee author.
Patty P Jun 16
The silence is killing me
gathering the elements
but its hard to breathe.
steer away
the crow and hour
the voices are getting louder.

stuck at home, with no where to go.
I'm gone, please pick me up off the floor.
mend my heart.
I've had enough.
because, I fell right  from the start.

only the bravest, get in my way.
you spoke the words '' saying that your gonna stay."
but you never did so I backed away, fell backwards and spiraled into a dark, dark cave.
Patty P Jun 16
No dreams
it's a glacial glow.
fell down through a river hole.
pink sunsets, candies, and lullabies,
Rituals and trials, say your goodbyes.

Another dark hour
fills up my day.
Touch my heart,
it's made out of clay.

Astro travel
a glacial wave,
my ideas are filled with rays.
Silver and gold
heart made of stone.

No dreams
I'm fighting sleep.
I cut you off
because you went,
into deep.
I saw and felt my body flaoting away.... into the further I go!
Patty P Jun 14
You light up my soul
Setting it, burning ablaze,
with fiery flames
Consuming me….

You’re the hunter of my dreams
Chasing away those shadows
Clearing the way, eliminating the battle.

I think of you day and night
Wishing you were by my side.
Your name lights me up like Venus.
I’d wish you knew that.

Last night, I told the moon about you,
And the stars laughed, and the clouds huddle all together.
I told them how special you are to me.
I told them the moment I fell in love with you.

I know he probably doesn’t know how I feel.
Because I’m so guarded with my heart.
I’m good at hiding my emotions..
So I know he must be confused as hell.
But I wish he knew how I really feel about him.

The beauty of it all, even if, he might not feel the same way…
My heart flutters and butterflies invade my insides
And my cheeks turn rosy red, and my dimples make an appearance on my face. But that lingering smile, of mine…stays there, his souvenir to me. A token of happiness, a kiss to my heart from his….

Somehow that night the blacked haired beauty feel asleep, under the vigilance of the moon.
it all explains by itself.
Patty P May 19
Were they even dreams? I felt the sand between my toes. I whispered my hellos, and carried your seed.
But you made my heart bleed. All I needed to do, was breathe. Everything for the baby. You came back with an apology and some daises. Baby you’re crazy.
It’s been your mood lately.
So I go on walks and feel you trail behind me.
Now you act so kindly.  
If I were to leave you, you would find me…..
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