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Maddie M Sep 29
The asylum inside my head
It’s a divided prison.
Where I fought back every thought, every feeling back into their place.
Maddie M Aug 20
Stay quiet girl
In the midst of all your riots
Because you know you love him
A love you can’t deny it.
In its purifying form
At this point your heart was warned.
Love like a sweater
A ******-sweater.
It strapped you up
With knots and bows
Hurt like hell, when it blowed.
Chapter ended
Left her kinda bended
She scream to the shadows where she vented.
Travel to paradise, got stranded In The desert
She had to censored —-
Anyway, Shes good and Im free
our roots were sprouting, thank god for those seeds.
I hate to say, I wish we could’ve made it.
**** happens, and that’s okay because
There are rainbows after the every other  rain
I know your mouth is still full with my name.
Thank god, I’m the one whose sane.
I wish you luck in everything you do,because
After all, you were my boo.
Maddie M May 26
The sun is alone too

But it still shines all by itself.
Maddie M May 26
Even though a handful of time has passed on by
Maybe you have forgetten me or not,
But is it valid that I have loved you contiounsly in silence...
At such a far distance...
Don’t you ever wonder about me
Like I wonder about you...
I’ve waited for these feelings to go away but they still linger...
Maddie M May 26
is there a such person who is beautiful, inside and out?

Because I’m not...
Would you say you are?...
Maddie M May 11
I do feel the same, I wish I didn’t but I do
Old feelings never die, they just revive
Maddie M May 8
Don't you wonder who I am
Don't you ponder what I look like?
hasn't anyone figure it out yet?
the person who writes all these poems
some good
some bad
some hurtful
some sad.....

well behind it to it all!
not to toot my own horn
it's a very, very, very beautiful girl
My name is Maddie, Please to  meet you :)
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