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Maddie M Feb 9
Sometimes i feel like I’m not good enough,
Emotional and moody
Maddie M Feb 9
It’s been a year. And not a single day passes on by that he thinks of her. he reflects on how he ended things, and  now he realizes how much regret he has. All he knows...she was right. He is impulsive. His agony that he has, and his conscious that riddles him  night and day, he now carries that part of his heart that it left him feeling incomplete.
He has seen her, in city. And he has seen her smile. He wonders where she was driving too? Did she moved on? Is she happy? He has kept tabs on her. So to speak, lightly ones. Each time, she  gets  more beautiful, and lovelier.
He’s still very much in love with her. He conserves all her pictures, she would send. But who knows? He reached out on the day of her birthday anonymously. A week later, send an anonymously text message, but he doesn’t sum up the ***** to call her or text her , he misses her like how a fish misses water. But what holds him back is ...she’ll reject him. He wants her back. He now realizes the huge mistake he did. She is different. he thought wrong.
Work, & school. The main focus right now. His distraction. And engine to keep on going. He truly hopes, that one day, he will see her again, to get that chance to tell her how he really feels and to tell her he wants her back. and how ****** he was to let her go just like that.
Maybe one day they will  find a way to be together again forever.....
This time he’ll know to guard her and love her harder.
Maddie M Feb 9
And he thought of her day and night,
Waiting for her, how the sun waits for the moon.
She is all he will  ever want.
He does wish, he could sum up the courage to find her and tell her how he feels.
But rejection, and fear halt him at his feet.
One day....
She’ll be surprised....
And she will narrate it, from on here.
To be continue.....
Soulmate connection
Maddie M Feb 8
Yellow walls,
slurring my speech
i digged the walls,
oh! they run so deep.

slowly we reached
what my wings
couldn't teach
i bend my spine
life is a *****

pull, tug, push.
i hid the drugs near the lovebirds bush.
made some chaos in the nubuela room,
i touched saturn and Jupiter too.
when i saw him, made my heart go boom.
my pills is what makes them illegal.
i got high beaneath a flock of seagulls.

i climb to be shaken,
because each night i lie in a pile of a mist
that leaves my mind on wispy nicks

soft and fragile
hallows screams
whisper in my nightly sorrows,

i poured out my entire voice into a well.
and it echoed, echoed,echoed,
i think it reached the devils ****.
Maddie M Feb 6
trying not to feel. but hopefully i'm not alone in this constant side.
Maddie M Jan 28
Romantic choice of words there satan.
Maddie M Jan 28
But I provoked the devil in him.... and I got burned.
Burned real good.
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