Tired to so hard to get down your guard.
made you see things that weren't real.
fogged up your thoughts
forced you to be my company  of the hour.
made you obsessed
you fell in love with me even though I told you not to.
I'd warned you.
but still your mind lingers on,
your heart and soul are gone.
you thought you were alone,
but I stole away with you.
when we went to the beach,
we were swallowed by the waves.
on that day the weather was perfect for what I had in mind.
I whisk you away
sweet talked to your ear
you were afraid to paralyze
but I took a token
and sympathize.
my invisible love to you my dear,
I am an illusion
I may be real or not.
Im put together beautifully,
like a song, like a masterpiece.
I am water to your fire,
the coldness to your hot.
the desire to your flesh and bones,
I am what you desire.
you whispered frantically to me
"your my drug, my necessity, my plead,
do you agree?"
I smiled as our faces where in an angle of 180 degrees
nose to nose
as I breathe you into me.

Fatigué de tant de mal à rester sur vos gardes.
vous a fait voir des choses qui n'étaient pas réelles.
embué vos pensées
vous a forcé à être ma compagnie de l'heure.
vous a fait obséder
tu es tombé amoureux de moi même si je t'ai dit de ne pas le faire.
Je t'avais prévenu
mais votre esprit persiste,
votre coeur et votre âme sont partis.
vous pensiez que vous étiez seul,
mais j'ai volé avec toi.
quand on est allé à la plage,
nous avons été avalés par les vagues.
Ce jour-là, le temps était parfait pour ce que j'avais en tête.
Je vous emmène loin
sweet a parlé à votre oreille
tu as eu peur de paralyser
mais j'ai pris un jeton
et sympathiser.
mon amour invisible pour toi ma chérie,
Je suis une illusion
Je peux être réel ou pas.
Je mets bien ensemble,
comme une chanson, comme un chef-d'œuvre.
Je suis de l'eau à ton feu,
la froideur à votre chaud.
le désir de ta chair et de tes os,
Je suis ce que vous désirez
tu me chuchote frénétiquement
"ta drogue, ma nécessité, mon plaidoyer,
êtes-vous d'accord?"
J'ai souri comme nos visages où dans un angle de 180 degrés
nez à nez
comme je te respire en moi.
this guy is pussy whipped. hehehe ha! ;)
Maddie M Sep 10
I know all your devils
                                          I know them all by name.
                                                  ­                                        love is a villain
                                                                ­                         we are one in the
                                                                ­                          same.

Je connais tous tes diables
                                          Je les connais tous par leur nom.
                                                                                          l'amour est un méchant
                                                                                         nous sommes un dans le
I know what hurts you and that messes with your head. I can be your hero and your villain all at the same time.
a snippet of my next poem called "illusion."
Maddie M Sep 6
(The Strange boy is seen on his bed, looking at the ceiling, with his arms tucked under his head, he begins to think of ...her)

'her face is always a gentle touch in my eyes.
the memory of her, keeps me up all damn night.
and the nights after.
she's quiet, keeps to her self.
blushes here & there.
but I can see every flaw, she hides underneath it all.
I can say, she's very smart and hides it well.
her portrait is beautiful, however, none of you can tell if she, on the inside is actually falling apart. or not.
because she handles it all so well, that's what makes her the black haired beauty.
I wonder if she thinks of me,
should I text her or no?
what is she doing right now?
I flipped onto my left side watching the clock.
more images sync into my mind...
she's different from all the women that I see.
she's that flower that stands out...
she could have a bag over her head and I still have the  same, never ending infatuation with her.
she has my full attention.
when we speak, she makes me nervous and jittery.
she's my weakness and she doesn't even know it.
that's how much power she exerts over me.
all I know is that she keeps my heart beating.
a scene of a boy thinking of the girl of his dreams...
his inner thoughts.
Maddie M Aug 29
w   r    i    t   e   .
fist-crumble the paper,
throw away.

i can never say what i mean
i can never say what i feel.

because the feeling is too much.
too intense.

i start all over again, just to stop, and not finish.

this is why it's incomplete
i suffer from writer's block...
it's the given reason why my paper is so clean.
Maddie M Aug 23
These Saturn stones
          filled up your bones.
                     the quiet moon, gently cries.
                                the sun's many liabilities.
                                        your lies soar like spirit wings
                                                how you've fed your lies onto this ring.
                                                  the seeds burst into the earth's ground
                                                          ­       let me hear your inner sounds.
                                                         ­             i want to see the sprouts
                                                                ­            for i...
                                                            ­                   will in doubt.
                                                          ­                        can't wait until
                                                                ­                        you start.
a poem from "the affair series".
Maddie M Aug 14
i never view it the same.
it's just quiet.
i simply closed my eyes.
and wait to feel what he makes me feel.
forbidden lust.
an act of sin.
a betrayal of a old friend,
a good climax.
he penetrates,
then sends me ascending to hell.
without any stops.
but i can't get enough.
at my brain.
and i'm
During dinner, his hand restfully lays on my thigh, caressing me back & forth.
my body itches and warms up to his touch against my skin.
At the slightest touch of his hand toying with me,
i disintegrated.
my mind is fixated at his contact.
he plays with me underneath the family table.
as the evening progresses, they continue their conversation.
my r                                          his                                  r
             i                          &                                      i
                    n                                                 n
                               g                              g
weights down on our respectfully spoken matrimonial status.
leaving us with the wrath of guilt.

Each time, we swear
it'll be the last time.
but we're both liars of the conscious mind.
we come back to it, giving in
falling in deep
trapping ourselves more into the  further.
we are consumed by each other.

i want more then what is given....
this is the affair of a forbidden couple.....

to be continued.....
love has no absolute control. the heart wants what it wants, and the brain is a guilty partner in crime.....
the affair series
Maddie M Aug 9
Autumn. brown.
the smell of the musky trees
the pink/orange clouds.
the sounds of rustling leafs
footsteps, joggers.
the cold.
the lonely, my lonely.
my tea, i grip it firmly
it all approaches.
as i take my exist.
i return to my cave.
where, all the Ambre,
the beauty soon will all start to decay.
and be replaced with the frosty, white snow.
the sweetness will be gone, slowly, as my spirit glows.
as winter grows bitterly lonely.
where is my angel who is all so holy....
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