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Aug 2018 · 300
Jose H Aug 2018
You say you're a hopeless romantic
A man that has fallen in love
In love with a simple one night stand
A one night stand you figured you could handle
Rather the inappropriate love lingers
Tied to your mind with every ounce of paranoia
Rattling thoughts of love, ****, and confusion
Is it love?
Is it a future to be had?
Thousands of thoughts, scenarios, actions and complex emotions
What could it all possibly mean?
Sitting there tangled in thoughts of a one night stand
The one you wish to have over and over and over
Till love meets ****
Until you find the meaning of the awkward meeting
Oh, the torment of uncertainty!
It is nothing, but a one
If only your obsession with attachment would let you see.
I have issues, let us leave it at that.
Aug 2018 · 345
Most Painful Memory
Jose H Aug 2018
Once a hopeless romantic
Gazing upon yellow skies
Oh, what warm sensations filled this soul
Not even the coldest of night could chill

Once her lover
Her one and only
Who carried her in his heart
Embedded in his soul till the end of time

Once true love
Till the words spoken pierced the soul
The simple words to change one forever
“I never did love you.”

Once, the words were spoken
During the intimate time of love
A pain unlike any other
To change one forever

A once hopeless romantic
Now, a fearful nervous mind
Unable to form attachments of love
Rather, paranoid ties of abandonment.
Dec 2017 · 378
One Simple Trigger
Jose H Dec 2017
Just a second
A simple drop of rain
The drop of a grain of sand
The blink of an eye

There is nothing quicker

Metal cold as death
Sound of stampede in the chest
The sweet release

Nothing faster than death
Death at the pull of a trigger
Free myself from the burdens of life
If only simple were oh so easy.
Jose H Nov 2017
I saw you in fall
Red shirt, black leggings and black shoes

I saw you in winter
Black sweater, blue jeans and black shoes

No matter when i saw you, you smiled
A beautiful crystal smile

No matter the night i can always hear your voice
No matter the situation, I always smile at your laugh

No matter what
I can say,  a kiss was always just a kiss
Till the day I kissed you.

Till the day you deceived
The day you used
The day I hung my head in shame
Till the day I kissed you,  became the most regretable day.
Nov 2017 · 228
The first time...
Jose H Nov 2017
It was the first
Love was in the air
The sensation of her creamy
pressed against my own
Body to body
Heart to heart

I love her with all I can
I'd give life away for her if I
The first
oh the sensation so blissful
The sensation so inviting

It was our first
It was the first I could not enjoy
All for the words

No strings attached...
I would give everything for this girl that i love, a girl that know I love her. All she could say in our first time was, no strings attached. So much for a first time .
Oct 2017 · 312
Where do I go?
Jose H Oct 2017
Is it left?
Is it right?
Is it there among the trees of oak?
Is it before the crystal waters of the sea?

Please madam is it among the country road?
Is it there? Among the safeguard of the lighthouse?
Is it here where I stand?
Here? Am I to be lost in this center of blindness?
Center of confusion?

It must be among light
Doomed among demons?
Here among the darkest center of earth?
Why this treacherous land?

Among the ashes of once beautiful land
dwelling upon the light of life
A simple sight lost from these clouded eyes
Doomed to die upon the familiar sadness this cage holds.
Sometimes the spot you're in ***** and there just isn't a way out.
Oct 2017 · 322
Jose H Oct 2017
I held the whip.
I smiled upon my prey
Chained in front of me
Wishing I did not exist
Whipping them mercilessly
With lies
Empty promises
It was fun in the past

I see my errors
The poor people i have hurt
Staring upon myself
Seeing only scars that i left others
Wishing I could simply turn the world around

Now the time has come
Chained to the ground
Beaten mercilessly
With a whip crafted of false love
Held by my "true love"

Blinded by "true love"
Pain never entered my mind
But it cannot deceive my eye.
Chained, I will find my way
To escape these shackles
My "true love" will not hold me in the abuse of false love.
Oct 2017 · 981
How can I?
Jose H Oct 2017
How do I rise each morning?
How do I smile each day?
How do you not see I've died?

How can I love her?
How can I smile at her?
How? When its all empty emotions?

How Can I be this manipulative?
How can I be Full when I know nothing of myself?
How can I smile, when I know not how to love myself?

How can I?
Can you tell me?

If I beg?
Out of desperation would you pity me?
Help me live, Help me smile with true happiness
Oct 2017 · 356
Jose H Oct 2017
In the summer nights
The owls see the world
The world, the simple eye can not
In simple eyes
Vision is distorted
Wrinkles of reality
Lines of insanity
All that the simple eye can not
With simple eyes
Reality is within the visionless.
Take it for what it is,  trust what you can't see. What's right in front of you could be a lie
Sep 2017 · 483
The Game.
Jose H Sep 2017
What is the point of a game?
Ask yourself
To win? To have fun? No point at all?

We all play the game
Simply for different choices
Without a choice, we must play.

Press start
Take 18 to 21 minutes to learn how to play
Maybe less
You might give up before 18
Sad right? It happens.

Tutorial ends, time to play

Take the next 60 minutes to actually play
Maybe less
Again, some may give up before the end
Maybe the power cuts off
Forced to stop playing

Game ends, how'd you play?
Did you try to earn the most money?
Did you play and just have fun?
Did you spend it teaching other people how to play?

I just finished learning how to play,
I choose to have fun and enjoy the game.
How do you want to play the game we call life?
I've always lived life thinking I had to go to school, get a degree and work a 9 to 5. The idea never made me happy. In my life I want, happy memories, minimal regrets, and a thousand stories. Regardless of how short its cut. Now im making a career in MMA which makes me happy.
Sep 2017 · 363
Jose H Sep 2017
I walked up a hill
A hill covered in asphalt
****, treacherous land
Although the land, hideous
The land beyond
More beautiful, than anything seen
I climbed this difficult landscape to see
To experiance
What it would be like
To stare into the eyes of true beauty

In my return
It was gone
Burned to ashes
Now i stand here
Realizing the land I loved
Has abandoned me
Standing here
My truest fear has become reality

In my return
I have lost the love i had for only seconds
Yet I have lost the love i have longed for
My entire life.
Sep 2017 · 274
Perfect Morning
Jose H Sep 2017
What is your dream?
Literally, the dream you have
The one you wake up from
Hoping you could relive every day
I have dreamt of that beautiful morning
The morning where the sun shines through the blinds
The morning where birds sing
But most importantly,
It is the morning I wake up next to you
The morning I brush up against your flower scented hair
The morning your body is all the warmth I need
The morning I wake up to you're beautiful smile
I couldn't imagine a more beautiful morning than this.
Sep 2017 · 366
If Only
Jose H Sep 2017
If only there was time
To share the words of my heart
If only the world did not take you from me
I could have shared life with you
If only you didn't go so soon
I could have made it clear
If only
If only
If only i could have shared a kiss
If only you didn't go from this world
If only i could exist with you
I could love you
But now
Time is lost
You will never know how I loved you.
Sep 2017 · 714
Chasing The Perfect Girl
Jose H Sep 2017
Why is it so confusing?
Dating, I mean
Why is it you never speak your heart?
Why do you give me the small glimpse of hope?
Why do that and take it away?
I tell you, you're the one
I look at you, as if I have seen a goddess
I treat you as if you're a queen
We share a beautiful kiss
Yet im here
Dinner for two
With an empty seat in front of me
Not a word
Not an apology
Sep 2017 · 290
Lost Without You
Jose H Sep 2017
In seconds of the day
I am lost
Without a clue of where I am to go
For all i could ever want in these moments
Is to be by your side
To see you smile
To hear your laugh
To watch you live
In seconds of the day I can not find my way
In those seconds i look only for you
For you to be the path I walk in this life.
Sep 2017 · 311
Jose H Sep 2017
On this day
I stared into the eyes of God
I wept
God did not harm me
A gift he gave
Not only the gift of life
Rather, a gift essential to life
A gift I share with you
One without limitations
To love till my heart aches
An ache you mend always.
Sep 2017 · 251
Jose H Sep 2017
It's quite in this night
A night once spent with you
Night of laughter and love
To a night of solitude
A night of empty words
Empty smiles
Empty thoughts
The world may seem empty in this moment
The moment where you are not
Sep 2017 · 48.6k
Jose H Sep 2017
Surrender your body to me.
Bare body pressed against the brick wall
Hands tied overhead
Hair pulled back
Your body so warm and hot
Feel my ice cold kisses on your shoulders
My wet tongue running up your neck
Feel the red imprints of my hands on your ***
Moan for me ever so slightly
Beg me for more
Beg for me to never stop
Shutter at the feeling of my hands on your *******
Bite those full lips at the pleasure of my teeth markings on your body
Surrender yourself to me
Let me toss you on fresh sheets
Spreading your legs apart
Gently placing my hands on your slit
Rubbing slowly against soaked laced *******
Tongue tied in your body
Feed me your taste
Fill me with the flavor of your *****
Grip my head with your legs
Watch me explore your insides
Stare at me with such intense eyes
Stare as I climb up tracing every curve with my velvet tongue
Wrap your glistening legs around my waist
Take me raw till you can no longer go
Grip the sheets, head tilted back
Claw at my body
I'll  guide you along the line between pain and pleasure
Surrender yourself to me
Let's explore our pleasures together.
Sep 2017 · 327
Jose H Sep 2017
You know that ride,  where you go up 100ft
Then you drop?
You go up and up and up
Your smile gets big
Your heart races
You close your eyes
That's how it felt to know I had feelings for you

For that half second
You're weightless
Feeling absolutely free
That half second you feel the drop
That's how it felt when i knew I loved you

You open your eyes
You laugh
Your insides go up in your throat
You you get to the bottom, releaved
That's how it felt when i told you,
I love you
Sep 2017 · 52.2k
Let Me Take You
Jose H Sep 2017
In the darkest of nights
Your body pressed against the wall
Hands held high above
Let me slide my hands down your body
To feel every sensual curve
Let me kiss you as if it were the last time I were able
Sliding my tongue softly against your lips
Let me kiss your neck softly in this night
Sliding my tongue up your neck upon your ear
Down further to explore your body. Tearing off one piece of clothing as a am to uncover what my tongue seeks Watch me as I kiss down your bare body
Watch me as I spread your legs and slide between.
Watch me tear your underwear off
Let me slide my velvet tongue
Watch me explore your insides
Until I find the path that brings you to your limitations
Watch me climb up your body kissing every inch with wet lips
Kiss me so you taste what your inner being is
Open your legs and wrap them around my waist
Pull me closer so our bodies may collide
Pull me deeper so I may further explore your inner being
My hips bucking
Yours following in motion
This pleasure we share
In my life's fantasy.
Sep 2017 · 297
My Queen
Jose H Sep 2017
Oh the things you deserve
The endless red roses
The eternal kisses
The life of a queen you must have

For all that you deserve
I may not be able to supply
For it all may not exist
Not in the world we live in

Oh my Queen
You must know
No matter what lacks in the world
You will receive through your king

The endless roses
The eternal kisses
My faithful soul
If the day comes, my heart in whole
Shall be yours to keep.
Sep 2017 · 287
The First Time
Jose H Sep 2017
Yes, the first time I saw you i stood in awe
Yes the first time I spoke to you my mind froze
Yes the first time we hung out my brain was rattled
Yes, the first time we hugged my mind was at peace
Yes, the first time we kiss my heart will hold  still
But no, my heart holds no fear
My mind, a calm sea
In a state of peace.
Today I look at you and see
A beautiful woman with eyes to be lost in.
A woman like a goddess, to admire in awe.
A rare experience to be absolutely happy through a simple glance.

Always know that i would give up everything so you could enjoy it all.
Sep 2017 · 280
Make Her Happy
Jose H Sep 2017
In the morn
I sit tall from my sound slumber
Standing tall in the bathroom mirror
All to ask myself
How could I
A simple man,  make you the happiest woman?

Let me ask
Are you happy?
Do I make you happy?
Do I make your soul dance?
Do you smile?
Smile because of me?
Answer me this
For I must know
To fulfill my dream
To make you the happiest woman alive

Am I too quiet?
Am I too bold?
Too odd?
Too pushy; demanding?
Oh, wont you speak
I must know
To fulfill your happiness

Don't you know?
I wish for nothing more than the smile
A smile so beautiful
To go from ear to ear
So won't you tell me
Do I make you happy?

No matter the answer
I will make you happy
One day
The happiest woman alive
Till the day I die.
Sep 2017 · 257
Te Quiero
Jose H Sep 2017
Anyone can say sweet things
To sway your heart in one way or the other
Without meaning or thought
Just plain words
To bring you deceitful happiness

But I'm not anyone
I say what I feel
And mean what I say
I care for you in not just simple ways

You could be defective
You may be confused
Even a little scared
But you're the one I choose
So listen when i say,
No quiero la mejor, quiero el que ya he elegido
Sep 2017 · 244
In The End
Jose H Sep 2017
If frozen in time
Would you stand at my side
Locked in sight
Fingers tangled
With warm heart
In cold world

If trapped in sudden death
Would you find shelter in my arms
Forehead upon yours
With a smile full of love
Accepting our end

If feelings of love would be shared
Would you hold them
Close and dear
With no regrets
No fears

If yes
If yes
If yes
Say yes
To walk the path of life
Till death do is part
Sep 2017 · 298
See Me
Jose H Sep 2017
Look at me
Look to my eyes
Speak with the voice of Angels
Tell me your troubles
Tell me your faults
Tell me of your dreams
Tell me of your nightmares
Tell me of your past love
Tell me of your family quarrels
Simple look to me
Eye and Eye
And Speak

Look at me
Without doubt
Look to my eyes
No fear
Look to me as your faithful friend
Look to me as a person of genuine grounds
Look to me with heart full of love
Look to me and see the man to protect you
Look to me and see the man to comfort you
Look to me
Look here
Eye to Eye
See the man who loves you.

Look at me
Look to me and trust
Trust no matter the look
No matter the words you speak
No matter the trouble to come
No matter the worries you may have
Trust, That I Will Always Love You.
Sep 2017 · 224
Jose H Sep 2017
The inability to hate
What does it mean?
In the chaos of the storm
One can simply not stand in peace
Staring the wrath of god in eyes
With misery consuming the soul
How can one not hate?
Riding the carriage of turmoil
How can one love?

The inability to hate
A curse is it?
A blessing?
Is this love?
Is this false love?
No, it must not be love
How could love feel so heavy
Weighing the soul down
the soul can not fly
Can not soar
Can not
The soul simply can not!

The inability to hate
The ability of false love
The entire puzzle of self destruction.
What does it all mean?
Sep 2017 · 408
Look at Me
Jose H Sep 2017
For a day would you love me
For an hour would you hold me
For a minute would you kiss me
For a second would you restore sanity to a broken man?

Would you go back in time?
To change all that we have done
To restore the friendship
The friendship that once was

For this day would you look at me
Look at me with the eyes that once loved
The eyes that made me feel whole
Just for a second would you?

In this moment could we be lovers?
Could I make you feel loved?
Just for this moment
Could we forget the world?

Could you just look at me for a second?
What if I beg?
If i plead?
Just look at me for just a second...
Sep 2017 · 201
You Left Me Broken
Jose H Sep 2017
I am whole
I am alive
Full of life
Full of love
Yet in it all
Life has slipped from my grasp
For moments in the days
I am lost
I am unable to walk my path
Looking back for you
To walk hand in hand
But at days end
I have ran you off
Now I stand here
Longing for the day
We may stand hand in hand
Sep 2017 · 177
Fix Me
Jose H Sep 2017
I see you
Like broken glass
Unable to piece yourself together
Beautiful in your placement
But broken

Never fret
My hands will build you together once again
No matter the cuts
No matter the tears
You will be whole without fears

— The End —