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OpenWorldView Jul 19
fifty years ago
mankind took a giant leap.
time to learn flying
we can reach
the stars
Nova Jul 12
I’m trying but will I succeed?
I’m working but will it pay off?
I’m dreaming but will those dreams be?
I hope to know someday that the answer is yes.
Kilam Black Jul 10
Eyes growing heavy
body shutting down
work still piling
on these files I might drown

Not yet time to sleep
not yet time to go
so these dreary eyes
I cannot let show

work incomplete
deadline not met
task not achieved
can't sleep yet.

Blur takes over
sleep approaches fast
fifteen more minutes
but I know I won't last

Reality fades
as the dream creeps in
I fought hard
to not let the sleep win

strength completely drained
begging the sleep, please
have some mercy
but all I remember was zzzzz's
my literal situation right now... writing this poem was the only way I stayed awake.
Dream Fisher May 29
While I'm working today,
While I'm at a desk wasting away,
I've got more and more responsibility,
People complaining, head straining.
The speed I type is making my fingers bleed.
But still that isn't enough and it's killing me.
Can I, am I, could I be worth a raise?
"Not today, sales aren't great,
I hate to say, the big heads only made
A half a mill for what you did today,
Prove your worth, this is not okay."

So I wait, time being all I've got,
Until that final hour hits the clock,
I punch the clock, eight hours in,
Back home to eat, home to sleep.
Never sick, never really sleep.
Another pawn they keep
With just enough carrot to never really eat.
Complained about my shoes
Until the corporate world removed my feet.
And that's the land of being free.

While I'm working today,
While I'm wasting away,
I'll fix every problem you create
I'll be smiling with a hand to shake,
Someday I'll be the person
I dream to be awake.
False Poets Jan 2015
like yours
if you'll reciprocate

follow you
if you'll follow me

repost mine
repost yours

pump up those
double discount
quantitative adulations

making everything here,
cheapened and discounted

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave...
when first we practice to deceive.”

on your merits own
the only way to stand
Cameron Alix Apr 9
I am graced
with the ability to examine,
to see, to think,
that I am not living.
And when I realize this
I feel punctured,
restlessly pensive.
I am cursed with
an anxious tendency.
why why why
I have everything– How could
I be
if I
I am graced
with the ability to examine,
to grow, to change
And when I realize this
I know I will win.
and this analysis - I promise -
will yield results.
is on vacation
but your
is working
Donna Apr 4
I had a fight with
the letter T today cause
I wanted coffee

Been working hard the last few days so not really had much time to write , anyway this one finally popped out :)
Rylan Black Mar 27
I'm the sun
You are the moon
Well have fun
But it'll end soon
We thought we were one
But you're the moon and I'm the sun
Lacey Clark Feb 26
I keep hearing that
in order to exist properly
amongst your peers
you need a strong sense of self.
I think that
the stains on my shirt
melancholic playlist in my ears
grumbling tummy
and agitation with self help websites
might be as good as it gets for my 20's.

and I'm tired of trying to be perfectly healthy all the time.
and I think capacity for constant self awareness is a privilege.
just want to exist and not worry about how I interact with people
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