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Journey of Days Jul 2017
storm of red
rages on
terraforming my soul

Journey of Days May 2017
understand now
that I ask too much
there is love
yes, it feel that
need to believe that it is still there
keeping me here, keeping us

the need, I can't define
it sits just beyond rational thoughts
sending emissaries for occasional negotiations
they seem to know the plan
but only reveal little portions
leaving me to ponder implications

it is a madness
following its own rules
******* up normal to challenge safe
making me rethink
purpose and what I am now
what we are and if we can continue to be

beginning to think this situation
is too big for you to handle
a sickness too strong
brokenness just too far gone
searching for the pieces
for long enough now, what we have found will do

hardly recognise myself these days
no more curtains shading our thoughts
the clarity of what we have become scares you
it frightens the hell out of me
limits, we are moving beyond now

Journey of Days May 2017
I tell you this story
the monsters
are real

Journey of Days Apr 2017
in it comes
let it come
blasting in, across the sky from the west
***** at the air, reeling in the ground, churning forward
let it come
all power and tetchy attitude loaded up in clouds
grabbing and pulling
let it come
multitude of prancing greys
pound over soul
let it come
slamming into present
shredding damage and weakness
let it come
sweeping wind and washing rain
scouring, cleansing
let it come
elemental passover
let it come
transform heart, crack the stone
let it come
bathe in the cool
breathe in the sweet
let it come
and now
start again
after storm
let it come

Journey of Days Apr 2017
shackled by pain
locked up in my mind
deep cold
I had no name
now there are trumpets

Journey of Days Apr 2017
cut off
plunged into dark
unable to move
I lost my voice
now there are words

Journey of Days Apr 2017
knocked down
rolled in dust
left bloodied and beaten
I stopped breathing
now there is steel

Journey of Days Apr 2017
after the storm
when your life path is altered
and you stub your toe
on unexpected gems
you know
you were led there
to find them

for S and C and the “project”
Journey of Days Apr 2017
held down
beneath the water
no fight left
I let it take me
now there are gills

Journey of Days Apr 2017
to suffer like this is hardship enough
feel yourself drift away
torn from, the present
hurtling back into a memory
or the horrendous new construction of something dark that preys upon my mind
please don't leave me here
keep me close
tell me stories
keep me close
honour this bond
keep me close
I haven't lost my mind it just goes offline sometimes

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