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Tekan Jan 2019
Being able to race through the maze
that makes up the human mind
Getting deeply entwined
slowly getting ****** in by the itnrest we find
The constant turnover
of topics you bring to our mind.

Helping me lose grip of reality
I start to feed the power of immortality
As the idea of time vanishes from my mind.

Creating some sort of cosmic vibration
that send shivers down my spine

I'm so lucky to call you mine.

You the definition of fine
Meaning, "of very high quality"
As stated in the dictionary of our time.

But, not everything can be defined
Somethings are simply indiscribable,
like the beauty you help people find
In all the cracks of their broken minds.
Helping us understand
The perfectness of imperfections.

You bring the sunshine in the day
and refelt on the moon at night
Forever spreading your light.

An inspiration to humanity
that you bring so naturally
Showing, some kind of meaning to life
Proving, that even a nihilist
can give meaning to life.

Leading by example
You break through the boundaries
of the impossiblities
That we so easily create in our heads.
Slowly giving life to a new generation.

So trust me when I say this
-because it's not just me-
That can forse
The legacy
You were born to be
Written for my lover
A peice inspired by his translation through his music
rohayani Dec 2018
not a poetry ****
SangAndTranen Mar 2018
(Maybe don't read this one if you are feeling low)

There’s an infinite difference between living and surviving,
We live by striving, pushing, thriving.
We survive by breathing, eating, sleeping,
But just surviving leaves us void of dreaming.

You give so much and you get none back,
It’s funny how the world works like that.
We collect in a crowd, a silent swarm,
The more people are around us, the less are warm.

We are lost in a sea of miserable minds,
Making money to pass the time.
And all that time you do what you hate,
Are years of your life you don’t hesitate to waste.

Born to grow up and do some job,
That’s just the way it always was.
This is the way they have made our lives,
You have no control, we’re all deprived.

Your country wants war, but you do not?
Sorry pal, that’s real tough luck.
Because of people you don’t even know,
Your family will be slaughtered, and so will you.

It’s funny how the world is this way,
Going through the motions every day.
It makes me wonder, are we really living?
Or do we just survive only to end up dying?
Vikram sikki Jul 2017
Don't talk to me
Ye vanity
Cladding truth in urbanity

Expressions left to emojis
For Conversations we type
Reassuring through selfies
Relationships through swipes

Get drenched in rain
Get scorched in Sun
Quiver once in a while in pain
Drain out after a run

Get in a fight in real
Burst off of sorrow
Then you ll know what matters
It's today not tomorrow

Let go
Let go
O please
Let go
The veneer of sophistication
The hope of impression
Smiling through frustration
And short term-fad salvation

And if not
Never blame it on generation
For We took the turns
and We paved the path
We are here for what we chose
And we only ll be wondering at last

we always had a choice
We are sold to the times. We are owned and fed.
NM Nov 2016
Black and white, black and white.

In the darkness, a pale light.

Is it hope? Could it be?

Close your eyes, it's just a dream.

The world is cold, so dull and grey.

It seems it's always been this way.

All is black, grey and white.

Black and empty is the night.

Look up into the cold black sky.

Don't be sad, no need to cry.

Do you see the small white stars?

The light is there, yet so far.

Not a whisper, not a sound.

Only silence all around.

All alone, there's nothing left.

Just dead colors and emptiness.

What happened here, what's going on?

Where are the colors, what went wrong?

Black, white and shades of grey.

That's all there is, every day.

Feel the cold breeze of the night.

In this world of black and white.
Based on the past...
I don't believe in fate nor in any kind of grand design,
Because if we got what we deserved then theres no way that you'd be mine.
So I won't call you a godsend nor compare you to an angel,
And though your absence burns I won't say that I'm in hell.

But when I close my eyes I see your face
and girl now my heart it starts to race
at rather an impressive pace
as I think of you in all your grace
I think this is another a case
where my heart is ever giving chase
as it beats out with infinite bass
at the thought of you all clad in lace.

But I'll admit that in your dress,
You display infinite finesse
Far gone are the days of my one true love. But I'll embrace this chance, with my new favourite person
Hannah A May 2016
Take me out on a non realistic trip
detach me from my  inner self
when they threw me out on the island
I didn't miss my land
I didn't miss my people
I gazed on the freezing moon
I watched the boat coming and going
but I did not beg them to
take me back to the city
where the look in everyone's eyes
is just speaking of hatred
when you look into their eyes
and all you feel is hate from a person
maybe they aren't real
maybe I am not just what I think I am
if this isn't real then I'm just an idea
in someone else's brain
you don't get the feeling when you're trapped
you burn like fire in the deserts of Egypt
you crawl on your feet
crumble and fall like a stone
but you're nothing like a rolling stone
let the sun touch you until you sweat
let the forest's parasites live inside your hair
a meteor was crossing the sky
I looked into your eyes
and I saw the sparkles in your eyes
how it dilates slowly with the breeze.
mk Apr 2016
she was nihilistic, pessimistic, narcissistic
but he had her believing
in the magic of early morning coffee,
the sound of the waves against the shore,
& second chances
jennee Jan 2016
existing felt like one impending catastrophe
a burning cigarette, one after the other
there were moments when i wanted
my nights to be smothered by the trickling rain
as i gazed at the molding ceiling
i wanted to breathe smoke into their lungs
because nobody left alive is meant to stay clean
i had this uncontrollable urge to cover up
my patches with bruises and cuts with scars
and while others imagined forehead kisses
i fantasized bullet wounds and torn tissues,
oozing blood and split-second animate eyes

sunday mornings felt redundant
as the sermons of claimed priests,
i am not catholic, i am not your puppet
nor is that newborn you're immersing in filthy water
i'd rather envelop myself in the world's destruction
than misguided man-made beliefs,
so never wake me up in the mornings

leave me be to choke on my own spit for breakfast
i've always felt more alive with clogged lungs
a kick in the teeth for lunch, vermilion blotches,
split lips and discoloration for supper
leave me be to walk into my own extinction
covering a thousand miles of boiling rot

life is anything but a gift,
death is what we are

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