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Anurag Apr 2020
Her skin tone is dark,
So she gets no good marks.
She walks on the road or goes to the park,
She fears people passing grave remarks.

Why darkness is not beauty?
Why do people tell her to be fair and lovely?
Can only fair be lovely?
And dark is ugly?
Your skin is not important, Your shape and size also don't matter at all....Only only and only your thoughts and behaviour matter....Nothing else.
ALesiach Jul 2019
In silent dread
My weary steps slow and falter
On this winding path I tread
Sadness reflects upon the water
And on my soul, its shadow cast
Sadness comes, sadness goes
Life is bright, or dark with woe
Will you kiss my cold lips at last?

My heart grows faint and weary
Touched with deep grief
On this longest day dreary
A gift of sorrow without relief
And on my soul, its shadow cast
As daylight fades
Into deep night shades
Will you kiss my cold lips at last?

ALesiach © 06/25/2017
Maddie Rea May 2019
I can’t even think to for the words for you, so many so little time..

I’m sorry: for being even a blip in your existence

For taking you away from your course

That I’m leaving a stain in your memory

For wasting as much time as I already have

You’re sleeping next to me tonight

That I won’t be your sacrifice

I won’t be able to give you our demon spawn

That I allowed myself to love you

I say you’re the most beautiful I’ve ever seen

I’m so ******* stupid

For absolutely loving our ***

Because I accepted you with ease

That we have a divine connection

I couldn’t help you help yourself

The others before me hurt you so bad

For not being able to give you the world

My emotions get out of hand

That sometimes I just don’t understand

I have shown you a different light

This will be our last fight

It’s our last night

But I have to stop there because you would tell me I’m making it about me or not trying to understand you

But tonight I will be selfish and I will say my side even if no one sees this

I’m so happy I got to fall in love with you even if you, as you say, don’t love me

You are the best I will ever have in bed; you hold me all through the night; our *** is unreal, the way you can make my body feel

You listened when no one would and wouldn’t when everyone could lend an ear

I haven’t had any serious nightmares since being with you but I’ll lay it out right I have nightmares every night

You make me feel unstoppable, I never would have felt that without you

The amazing things we seen and the earth shattering things you allowed me to dream

The way you made me scream acting out my fantasies

Purple spotted skin from the **** you were not into; including ******* on me

Feeding into my multiple personalities, allowing them to learn how to love and it’s ok for little Maddie to be

Letting Maddie roam free, mushroom hunting and ******* me

Telling me you actually enjoy my poetry; making me feel motivated and free

I love your soul and every personality including Zero... even if he wants to **** me

Nights and days in the cemetery; that night you grabbed my back, the nap that could’ve lasted an eternity make me believe

Most of all showing me that this reality is just another dream; coming to know me you know how I exit my dreams

So I’m sorry to say this will be our last memory because tonight I will finally give into my urges to bleed

I don’t intend to die but sometimes I can get a little extreme and hopefully tomorrow I might wake to a dream within a dream

I wouldn’t get my hopes up though because it will probably just be a cold reality
My God, My Fallen Angel, My Eternity. I love you more then I could ever imagine loving another. I truly hope your my twin flame, to meet again in another life, waiting for eternity to be your wife.
Grey Apr 2018
As I lie here
The sweet agonizing memory
Finding myself longing for you near
4 kids and the house, my darling, Luci

War in my heart, I beg for relief
Torn between you and emptiness
Eternity searching for you but time is a thief
5 o clock early morning loneliness

A simple click to see if you've healed
Hope for a future dying slow
Painfully its only you I've always loved
A Girl with a soul as black as coal

Beauty in Darkness
Time ticking away
Life is not known for cruelness
Pleading for it all to be better one day

Soon I'll find home
Longing it to be you once again
Lesley Sep 2016
You must understand my fear
As I grow closer to you dear
No more bite or insurrection
You penetrate the armour
Hard covers but tender underbelly
Be gentle in your stroke
Blisters fester
Red welt of swollen lips
Let the blood fall as it may
You are the light in my everyday
Slither hither
& crawl over blistering heat
You seek, you sting
Sharp penetrating glance
Venom glistens like the dewdrop
Do drop & Let drop the droplets
Wet hard the mind ****
Chittering madness
Stinger in brain
Dark obsidian, your poison sings
Your back
Glistens shiny.
Your armour penetrating dance
Brings me back
Tail quivers
Knees weak
Crawl to me
The strike
The sting
Your poison venom
The venom inside me
No antidote or logic
No rhyme or reason
Your venom sings
sound gone
Mind blown
Eyes blind and heart bleeding
I am your zombie baby
Obey me
Tease me
Play with me
Seize me
Sting me
Again and again.
Poem inspired by line in Penny Dreadful:S2 (2015) about Love. 'The Egyptians were hardly unique in that. Yes, but to them it was quite literal. They called it the "Scorpion's sting," a kind of eternal infection that had no end, not in time or death.' & a new/old love interest.
He looked at her,
Her hands were caked with black inks,
Filled with words she will never utter through her mouth,
How effortlessly she twists her hair into messy bun,
How she never ever wears make-up,
Daring enough not to conceal her beautiful imperfections,
How she clung books tightly to her chest,
Like a shield defensing her,
And how she walks confidently, yet stares on the ground afraid to have any eye contact,
I can't help but get attracted more and more by her quirkiness,
Every ******* time she passes by me.
Shadow Queen Aug 2014
While sleeping and holding Shadow Queen tight Shadow King slowly began to feel his body being puked away from her, like it (or something else) didn't want him close to her. He caught himself and fought the urge to let her go and stayed where he was. Then he felt it again and heard a voice inside his head telling him to let her go. He fought back once more and this time held her tighter. Then in his mind he saw a creature dark red with glowing red eyes pop into his mind it began to pull his Shadow Wolf spirit. The more it pulled the more his body tried to pull from Shadow Queen. It seemed as tho his Shadow Wolf was almost helpless when it came to this daemon so he fought back. Soon both Shadow King and his Shadow Wolf were fighting this creature. They finally destroyed it, tho it was not easy. Shadow King was finally free to hold his queen tight all through the night. The next morning Shadow King felt something was happiness, pure happiness. He had not felt this in a long time, might never really have felt it. There was no longer anything holding him back from loving his queen with everything he had. They're lives were so much better simply bcs they were finally happy together. <3
Jolene Heather Jun 2014
You chose the wrong girl
Even I can see I am perfect for you
I would have taken all your darkness
And swallowed it whole
If you needed a fight
I would have given it to you
And baby we both know
I am a pro at making you feel like a man
I could have stood in a room with your crazy
And we would shake hands
**** that
We would have torn each others clothes off
And ****** like animals
Like a mad symphony
In its chaotic way
It would have worked
You stupid man

— The End —