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I liked that night, we were flying
As the black cloaked your stars, you had your eyes closed
Sleep-deprived and half dead I thought of loving you
It seemed foolish

On the ground, it felt dizzy
like you spun me around
Friendly smiles were small
Everything was so dead I didn’t think of you

I don’t know the day where I thought of it as more
It wasn’t a day but a memory, a rememory
The buttons were pushed before I was ready

Anxiously I worked and worked and acted like your honey didn’t matter to me
It didn’t, I convince myself even now
But the moment came in capitals
You thought I was unattainable

The breaks were pressed by those closest
Of course they were, it’s what they’re there for
I waited and waited and waited and I got tiny answers

I got fragments, particles, portions
I never got it all
I still don’t have it all
Is this you
Is this my body?
Worse, is it my mind

Tell me now, if I ask too much
Tell me now, if communication won’t be our thing
Tell me now If we won’t be our own thing
But just tell me
Tell me anything
Because I need to be told
I wake in the morning


I just don't know.

Where does life go?

I just don't know.
Slam Jan 2017
I was in the woods
The trees were dying
My world was crashing
All the route was leading to places
And i was still found homeless
It was like flying while drowning
Nothing to hold on to
But keep struggling to see through
This is too messy
I try to be ready
Instead i become unsteady
All of a sudden i am cutting trees
Separating the branches
Leaving the roots
Trying to pull myself out of the crowd
A crowd of plants feeding me with dead leaves
Decaying my body
And still there is nobody
I am starting to wonder if there is really someone
Or am i the only one
In the woods
A forest full of steady waving tree bodies
Careless, staring.... Rooted in to unknown
Will i find a home
Or should i be forever searching
Escaping something that maybe everything
And nothing have sense
Jenny Gordon Oct 2016
Don't ask me why I conjured someplace in Chicago, I think by Gene and Judes.


Was't thickets naked trees within the pale
Eye of November guarded with a sense
Of dreary naught, their skeletons black thence
And with such bony fingers grasping frail
Mists' ghostly shadows winds' nigh cruel exhale
Passed through in eerie whispers, that suspense
Culls from auld memries to rehearse from hence,
Which rise before me, haunting which detail?
The question of what's real.  Shake me as twere,
And say I've built cloud castles none shall do
Aught justice to, and bid me look now fer
Brave minutes at what's allus in my view.
Tell me our games were fun but won't endure.
Then take my hand and teach me to love you.

Just thinking lately.
Fionnuala Lidia Apr 2016
I hope i never loose you, even though i feel like i’m loosing myself again.
Jenny Gordon Mar 2016

Snow.  Thick white flakes whose hapless note's detail
As't measures distance their profusion thence
Half mocks, yet draws the careless eye from whence
These mesmerize sans voice within the pale
Light of an afternoon, and lo tis bail
Enow for losing me upon that sense
I maunt pin down, til playing guitar is hence
Forgot, or trips and chokes in sheer betrayl.
And ah.  You know that word, um, chaste?  Oh sure.
Come, roll it 'cross your tongue and hear anew,
Cuz I am sick of being too naughty, fer
The record, and shall leave erm, you to woo.
If only I sit on me hands 'til you're
Quite ready, that should do.  Snow.  I need you.

[]*feels sheepish asking*...and since forgetting, I dunno.
Reina Franco Nov 2015
On this chilly café
    independently, I sat.
To this Toffee Nut
    Frappuccino, I sipped.
With my never ending reverie
    called “self-pity”,
I am consumed.

Paved way for this
    sudden urge to get
    my purple-inked pen, and
    my nasty leather brown notebook,
    from my old blue sling bag.

What to write?
Believe me, I have no idea.
I just feel like to scribble
    this nonsense out from
    my littered thoughts, and
    disarrayed emotions of this
    solitary state called “singlehood”.

For where are those shoulders
     to lean on?
Where are those hands to hold?
Where are those sparkling eyes
    that stares back?
Where are those?
Where are those?

When can I ever
    have someone to share
    this table with?
When can I ever
    hear another heartbeat
    next to mine?
When can I ever read my poetry
    to this “special one”?
When can I?
When can I?

So now, five minutes left
    is all I have.
I’ll be packing my things now,
    stop this senseless scribbling,
    head to the office,
    with coffee on my hand.

This reverie, I must halt.
To rather remind myself:
   “Hey, today’s a brand new day.
     and who knows?
     *Who Knows?”
Words don't come to me when I think of you;
They slip through my fingers to this sandy ground.
Perhaps if I knew just exactly who
You were, the words would finally be found.
You are mysterious, but so am I;
You don't show emotion, but then, I don't.
Seeing you come can make me smile wide,
But when you dissolve into mist, I won't.
I only know the numbers in your dreams,
The things you wish, the things you're hoping for
But there's another side to you it seems
Maybe if I look, I will find there's more.
Who knows where our paths may someday lead us?
It's more than I can hope to be in love.
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