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Äŧül Jul 2017
Ethics of war were not followed,
Neither by the army under me,
Nor by that wise commander,
I shattered all the regulations,
Especially the ones formulated by me.
I, Đroņa, was a war criminal,
They had him surrounded when
I commanded Abhimanyu's killing.
Classical rules of war idealized,
Don't attack the outnumbered enemy,
I helped form the Chakravyuha,
A forbidden aggressive war formation,
'Abhimanyu' was killed by many,
He was so outnumbered by our army,
Đraupađi, his mother, cursed me,
She cursed I'll die lamenting my son.
Đroņa was an immortal who died willing so after he misinterpreted that his son Aśvatthama had died when an elephant named Aśvatthama died but Krishna only exclaimed "Aśvatthama has been killed!"

My HP Poem #1633
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —