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Arielle Jan 10
Open your eyes and look around you
What do you see?
I see a broken world full of broken people
A snow globe where the snow is red
Stained with blood of the innocent
and the phlegm of the rich and powerful.
What I wanna know is who said that
money = power and power = evil and evil = money
where did this circle come from
If you open your eyes you won't see what i see
because what I see is hidden
and you have to look out
The money power evil people don't want to see it
they hide it but it is there
I invite you to open your eyes and look
But once you do, you can never go back.
another piece from my youth
Arielle Jan 10
i guess it's laughter,
you know that's dumb,
but when something bugs me
i joke
i laugh
i smile
i don't know what else to do?
if i'm angry enough
i'll scream
i'll cry
i'll tell you i hate you
and sigh
but that's so tiring
so i smile
i laugh
i joke
and the anger builds up,
and continues
until one day
close or far from now
i'll snap.
Writings from my teenage self
Arielle Jan 10
i always feel alone
when i'm chilling in my home
i have no one to turn to
this feeling of depression
is now how i function
this feeling of the blade
is making me pain fade
every time i bleed
i just feel some greed
it's like one cut
is just not enough
my life is so fucken tough.
I wrote this when I was a teenager, I've recently come across come of my writing from back then so I will be uploading some of them here.
Arielle Feb 2019
Relieve••My fears, my sadness, my broken soul
Regret••Trusting you, not trusting me
Reject••Your judgements, your decisions, your plans
Reset••The future, make it bright, make me strong
Reprieve••For me, reprieve for her
Arielle Aug 2018
I cannot breathe

This house has become my prison

And I am the only inmate in it

Worst of all is there's a door

A door to my freedom

Freedom I cannot seem to reach

Where I cannot seem to leave

But outside is more scary than inside

Even though I am in encapsulated where
it took place

The thought of being out there feels like the worse place

So what do you do when you're a prisoner who want's to escape?

But escaping out there is more scary than staying in here?

           F                              P
             R                         R
               E                     I
             E                         S
          D                              O
             O                        N
Not my best work but something that just came up and out on the stop
Arielle Aug 2018
I hate that I have this fear inside
Even though I try to hide
This fear will never leave my side
No matter how many times I've tried
I can't seem to shake it from my mind
You're like the ghost that is always near
That is constantly reminding me why I fear
It's still a work in process but I felt like I wanted to show it as I work on it ... March 4th 2018 is a day I will never ever forget .
Arielle Aug 2018
Right now anxious
Anxiety moves up & up
Paralyzes, like a vice all around
No reason, No rhyme
No trigger, No cause
Like a feather floating
Attaching to my sticky surface
Weighing me down
Turning me into a shadow of myself
Turning me into a ghost
Wishing it away
Praying for a healing
Dreaming of better days
Nightmare living - awake.
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