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lk 7d
i made it seem like it didn’t bother me
so as to not scare you away.

i made it seem like the image of your body on mine wasn’t terrifying,
like i was okay with trusting you,
like my past didn’t haunt me with every boy who ever laid eyes on me,
so as to not scare you away.

i made it seem like afterwards i was okay with doing it again,
like it was a shadow in the past never to be seen again,
like it left my memory like an old childhood friend,
so as to not scare you away.

i made it seem like the words you whispered didn’t run through my veins like ice,
didn’t pierce through my heart like a knife,
didn’t take hold of my limbs and rip them apart,
so as to not scare you away.

“i’ll go slow”, you whispered,
so as to not scare me away.
AditiBoo Aug 23
He makes me feel uncomfortable
He's slowly crouching into my boundaries
With pick up lines beyond insufferable
Yet not picking up on my blatant unease

He's coming onto me
Like an intentional hit and run
So off-target it felt like a conspiracy
Unnervingly annoying and unwelcome

I said no thank you, once, twice, thrice
Letting him down and wanting to be nice
And the deluded charm turns to spite
Venom foaming at the mouth, ready for a fight

A casual rejection goes unnoticed
As this factual objection becomes the psychosis
Because 'no' is translated to 'try harder'
And 'no' twice just spells out a pathetic disaster

'No' three times...and then is revealed the monster
Unable to fathom the dissidence of feelings
Unwilling to dignify the negative response with honour
Switching gears to now action provocative dealings

An insult here and there
A snide remark launched without a care
Spreading dark rumours to hungry ears
Lapping it all up, slathering those smears

So saying 'no' is not an absolute choice
It drags behind it echoes of the spiteful's voice
Turns you into a wanton fool
Turned crazy for keeping her cool

And those standing next to the ****-shamer
Are mainly those sharing my own gender
Happily bringing down theirs sisters in arms
Approving the consequence of a choice to be self-harm
San-Pei Lee Jul 12
the girl cried wolf
but no one took heed
to her teardrops of crimson

the girl whispered wolf
still rose petals shed into the night

the girl thought wolf
this time there was none left to listen
not even the wolf
arra Jun 2018
Back when I was nine
When I don't know what are beyond the line
Where everything was "just" a touch
Even when she did it at night in couch

When I turned twelve
They said dress according to yourselves
I wear a skirt that I feel
Every eyes are wanting me to peel

I remember a horrible day of fifteen
I wear shirt and pants of green
A cold sweat flush
A strange man grab my ***

I thought eighteen will be fine
Maliciousness will decline
Until someone asked
Join them in bed, I feel aghast

Now I'm twenty-one
Fear lived, doesn't gone
Every looked has a meaning
A memoir of harassing
Many people think that ****** harassment is just putting your d*ck on someone else but that's not it. ****** harassment is happening every day, everywhere. When someone's looking and talking to you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. Touching you in parts that makes you uneased. ****** harassment happens not only with girls but also with boys and our friends in LGBTQ Community are experiencing ****** harassment. If you are a victim of ****** harassment, don't hesitate to speak because many people are out there to help you. :)
PoetAnon May 2018
The worst part is
I loved you back
Adulterous affair,
Absolutely abominable!

Maybe you didn’t mean to love
Me, the girl inside
the young woman’s body,
you only thought you knew

Flirtatious banter
once hinted at thoughts

Intelligible abyss once linked
unsuspecting minds;
Understanding so
Deep, so

Praise me, praise me.

Be careful,
Time is taking over,
How could you, you fool
You can't beat the clock!
You're in love now.
Did you intend for this?

But was it Me you sought to love?
Or was it just my body?
The thrill of the ilicit,
The power
Over a child?

Origins unknown

Grown out of your control.
Say goodbye to reason
I’m your master now.

What’s happening to you?
You’re afraid and I, well
I am the child
who will destroy you

Words, your last weapon
Escalating, no wait, stop
You’re killing yourself.

It's too late
I tried to warn you
You failed me, embarrassed

I egged you on.

I loved you back.

I’m sorry.
Reflections on my confusion and guilt after I reported my university professor for sexually harassing me.
Ashwin Kumar Oct 2017
You have no idea
What it's like, to be a woman
Everyday is a baptism by fire
As she walks on the street
Hundred hands appear
From nowhere, as if conjured
By a deft flick
Of a magician's wand
A magician who sends chills
Down the length of her spine
Chills that surpass even those
On a wintry night in Antarctica
Leaving her frozen
Till every bone stands still
As she is stripped of her dignity
Reduced to a shadow of her self

She strains every sinew in her throat
As she sends out a distress signal
Which fails to be intercepted
As the people look on
Some with fear
Some with sheer indifference
Some with a perverse interest
But none answer the call of duty
The call which is as basic
As the need for oxygen

You have no idea
What it's like, to be a woman
As she heads home
Seeking much needed solace
She is instead upbraided
For wearing a short skirt
For walking alone in the night
For not being a lady

As she fails to get support
From the family she holds dear
As a shipwreck survivor
Barely floating in freezing waters
Clings on to that piece of wood
Her self-esteem nosedives
Like that fateful Air India flight
That crashed at Mangalore
And shifts the blame onto herself
For not understanding the men
Who've brought her to this state
And succumbs to Stockholm Syndrome
Completing a vicious circle
Leaving men and the patriarchy winners
Winners who deserve the title
As much as a student
Who clears his trimesters
Using bits of paper
Tucked neatly inside his shoes
To all men who think light of the issues faced by women in everyday life
Ashwin Kumar Oct 2017
Is Twitter safe for women?
Yes, if they are silent
Yes, if they are subservient
Yes, if they accept abuse

Women aren't supposed to be bold
Women aren't supposed to say no
Women aren't supposed to complain

Men have a right to abuse
Men have a right to harass
Men need not fear anything
Men can do as they please

Is Twitter safe for women?
Yes, if they ignore **** threats
Yes, if they laugh along with men
While men make sexist jokes

Men are the kings
A king is always right
A king can mock his queen
A king can **** his enemies

Why women create such drama?
Poor men just want to have fun
Privacy is such an elitist concept
Consent belongs to the man
Men are the more powerful ***
The *** that enjoys a right to ****

Is Twitter safe for women?
Yes, if they forget they have voices
Yes, if they forget they exist
Yes, if they concede defeat to men
This is a sarcastic/parody poem on the safety issue of women in Twitter
h i s
e y e s
h i s
s m i l e
h i s
w o r d s
h i s
h a n d s

m y
b o d y
h i s
b o d y
m y
h a i r
h i s
h a i r
m i n e
h i s

*h i s .
i was weaving through lit-up boxes
with lollipops as joysticks.
i was following a fairy that left
a trail of violet pixie dust
behind her iridescent wings
and streams of what do you want to play?
i sensed the glare of a drunken owl's eyes
singe into my back as i traced letters
on the surface of a toy chest:
i'm sorry baby, it read,
yet he lowered his gun until it reached
just the tip of his wings
and he fired.
he fired life into the words i wrote,
life that made the words i wrote surround me,
suffocate me.
he was drunk on restless nights,
wanting to
         love again.
love, love, lust, love;
does he even know the difference?
suddenly i felt the flat surface
of a blade stroking my back,
teasing me of my death.
are you having fun?

     do you want to know what real fun is like?

his embrace stole innocence from my lungs
and the kisses he planted on my cheeks
burned holes into what was once a rosy pink,
into what was once of joyful skin.

you lost weight, he acknowledged with a smirk,

     *you look amazing.
"The female body is a beautiful thing."
How dare you suggest such a thing?!
The female body is not designed for romantic beauty - no
It is designed for pleasure,
The pleasure of every man out there.
Even if the woman eyes out women rather than men,
Man will still take pleasure,
But as a fetish - as a kink.

The bigger, the more painful.
But who cares?!
The bigger the better.
With ******* designed for flicking and ******* on in order to "turn her on"
Do you forget what their initial purpose is?
Do you forget the pain she went through to birth her children?
And the struggle of breast feeding?
Of course not.
You just don't care.

"The female body is a beautiful thing."
Yes it is beautiful - **** even.
Designed for the pleasure of men.
Shaved as smooth as the women men watch not so secretly.
*** is not supposed to be enjoyed by the woman - she is the enjoyment, the entertainer.
Womankind is not designed to be loved nor cherished.
Womankind is designed for *** and nothing more than that.

Let me tell you something: everything that you just read is not true - and yet this is what today's young people are being taught.
Girls believe that they cannot be popular without being sexualized; they wear revealing clothing, send nudes and will even go as far as having *** just to feel beautiful.
And even then she will be called a *****, a ****, a *****.
Girls are being taught that this is normal - that it's okay.
It is not okay.
Girls should not feel that they have to give their all to everyone and keep nothing for themselves.
Girls should be able to feel happy and positive on their own - without being told that they are **** by some ***** middle aged man.

So here is my message to every girl out there:
You are beautiful* and don't let anyone tell you differently.
Don't let society pressure you into doing, saying or wearing certain things that you are uncomfortable with.
Don't let men use and manipulate you.
Your body is *your
property and nobody else's and it is not designed to be sexualized by men.
One day you will find the love of your life who will protect and cherish you and treat you the way you deserve.
But always remember:
Be true to yourself and be happy.
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