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sundial iris Jun 2020
Love: “and I know not if I sink or swim”


here’s how I see it;
everybody should have the
ability to walk around with
two sign optionality:

1. No vacancy
2. Open: (all rooms have A/C & cable)

never be disappointed; you know what you’re getting up front

and for an extra fee

3. credit cards Not Accepted

“A ship there is and she sails the seas,
she's laden deep, as deep can be
but not so deep, as the love I'm in
**and I know not if I sink or swim”**

“The Water is Wide” traditional folk song
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
"Happy" a label
Whole families watch cable
Ditch dinner tables
It seems like too many Americans are brainwashed by media instead of spending time with eachother
Andrew Rueter Jun 2017
Just me
No entertainment
No stimulation
Just me
Then you came by
And installed a cable
Sports, politics, comedy, education
You had a very decent package
500 channels to show me the world
I figured I'd stay home for the rest of my life
And enjoy the romComcast upon me
By the advent of your cables

But there was a destructive storm
Power lines were snapped
And our cable went out
As I stood in the ruins
Of a house that once stood majestic
All I worried about was getting our cable re-installed
So I waited
On your ****** service
My age
Became a Time Warner
And severed strings
Were strewn on the steel scattered around me

Now that I've become a satellite in your life
I could provide you with all the same channels
If you'd just look up
But the cumulus clouds you conjure
Block our reception

As I drift out here in space
I can see everybody on Earth
Except for one man
Who's surrounded by a sea of swirling tsunamis
And a crowd of cut cords
And as I approach the chaos for a better view
I'm incinerated entering his atmosphere
Jamil Massa Aug 2017
As an answer of pray
You imagining me
And the open hand is this city
Overgrown with chaos, silence,
You, and similar complexity.

I have to fall, somewhere
Because this thin cable will finished over.
Tired of bearing the burden on my body.
Tired of bearing conversations
Which often ends with confession
And uncertainty.

Lamentations that fill the air
Will not take me anywhere
The sky is gloomy, the city
Knowing sorrow much better than before.

I must fall, my love.
I won't fall anywhere but to you.

But I couldn't finding you.
(The original version - Indonesian)


Kau bayangkan aku
sebagai jawaban atas doa
dan kota ini adalah tangan terbuka
yang ditumbuhi kekacauan, kebisuan,
kau, dan kerumitan sejenisnya.

Aku harus jatuh, di suatu tempat
sebab kabel tipis ini akan putus.
lelah menanggung beban di tubuhku.
lelah mengalirkan percakapan
yang kerap diakhiri pengakuan
dan kegamangan.

Ratapan yang mengisi udara
tak bakal membawaku ke mana-mana
langit mendung dan kota ini akhirnya
mengenal duka jauh lebih baik dari sebelumnya.

Aku harus jatuh, Sayangku.
Aku tak ingin jatuh selain kepadamu.

Tapi, aku tak juga menemukanmu.
Scarlet Niamh May 2016
Like forgotten cables
on the floor,
we intertwine ourselves
and can't seem to be undone.
~~ Strangle me in affection. ~~
Riley Schatz Aug 2015
I want you to love me in a sweater,
cable knit,  
a little too big.  
I'll wrap my arms around you,  
like fluffy wings,  
keep you safe for a change.  
(There is something about you that makes me want to.)

We will tangle up in warmth,  
and I'll curl my fingers in your hair and press kisses in each curl.
The contentedness between us will be tangible,
filling the air around us.

I want you to love me in the soft way that I love you,
Warm linen sheet-like,  
A nestling-into-you kind of thing.
We fit together,
you and I.  
Just right.

I want to feel your sleepy breath on my neck,
your lovely eyes fixed on mine.  
Your fingers can trail along my shoulders,
your chest can heave contented sighs.  
The crook of your arm could be my pillow,
the space between us nonexistent.
I wrote this when I realized it was true
Anthony Williams Jul 2014
Monday's vision's fair of face
in the evenings the plasma rays shine
bright until seen through a window at a distance
******* energy from cables to my mind
blinding into happily blinkered existence

Tuesday's vision's full of grace
guilt makes me pull the covertous shutters down
being the observer is peep peeping embarrassing
being observed pays to add overtising shows on
it's so good not stirring when it's too disturbing

Wednesday's vision's full of woe
I am wilfully weak and slack on the couch
enjoying not having to speak or think
about being set up to get upset by nothing much
the sights flow seamless except when I blink

Thursday's vision has far to go
I would be there now but for one glitch
one flaw in the network's mesmeric sell
shared channels free as birds but rich
beyond the dragnet of any script's sequel

Friday's vision's loving and giving
in the smallest way it's electric beyond measure
distractions demanding attention with a hush
willing the constant whirling on with fresh images
look-look euphoric hooks to reel me in with a rush

Saturday's vision works hard for a living
and I'm wrapped in the dream of existing
by a simple drama of a varnished toenail
extending to a click the vanish going
going the way of Ting Ting Cao
your magnetic stimulation of the transcranial
kicks in and in my scrambled vision I saw
me touch your assimilation on redial
absorbing Sunday entire and raw
footage on display a draw so real
the pay channels dropped their jaw
by Anthony Williams

— The End —