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John H Dillinger Aug 2019
The building they lived in,
called home,
became their tomb,
became the weapon that broke
their bone,
took their lives.

But their stories have to
This City won't let you forget
about those
you were meant to protect.

I was actually looking for a room
but found myself
on the fiery streets
CRS batting the flames
as politicians took their seats,
business as usual
but the people stood in refusal
Feminists Familes and BlackBlok
Yellow Jackets Housing Groups
round the clock
only the holiday period
could douse the fires
and I went back to mother
the pressure smothered

How long is your attention?
Remember: this is a poem for the dead

For those who were crushed as they slept in their bed

Merry ******* Christmas
About 6 people who lost their lives in Marseille last November, 2018.

Shoddy building inspection, owners and regulation.

No one has taken responsibly.

Rest in Rage
Matteo Palermo Jul 2018
This feeling.

Weights in my stomach

Holding me down

My tongue has been cut

Ceasing the words

I want to say.

There’s nothing that’ll make me speak.





Stuck knowing

The words you’ll never hear.
AnonEMouse Sep 2017
how appropriate it seems
today is September 11th
16 years
and sitting in the aftermath
not quite the same

instead of
burned buildings
buried bodies
concave structures as
waters recede

16 years difference
in different states

one man made
full of hate
the other of nature
calm and powerful

the sensation of both
quite the contrast
trudging through snowflakes
of human ash
weathering wind
carrying livestock to high ground

one was a peaceful resoloution
as the winds whipped
the other
the weight of sadness
of lives lost
the passing of many souls
of which we do not know

the unknown

one was prepared for
the other
we could not
but on the day the hurricane left
we will never forget

that day

walking up canal street

the skies filled with red
shiv Aug 2017
And you set yourself on fire
(again, and again, and again.)
Because the feeling
is worth getting burned.
Because a life without feeling
that you have /lived/
is not much of a life at all.
Life is filled with feelings and emotions

With force and how much exertion

It's filled with pain and hurting

It's filled with other people flirting

There's stories and people who everyone knows

And there's ones that are hidden away

People that attention to is no longer a must to pay

A path of many takings

Body filled with whispers and aching

Milestones and stoning miles

Different people, different styles

Lines that divide in physical sense and mentality

No more can you feel the world for what it was

It was changed

The world is defined

It's defined by the person and the holding of their mind

So the world to your mind, is confined and defined

A void is left in my mind and now my world

For my definition of the world and my life is different now

There's a line

Before and after, that is all I know for tradgedy

Mine filled with agony caused by absence

Of a thing or person I had once

An imperfect imbalance

A tradgedy and mask on me

What was once forgotten and now remembered...gravity


No amorality

No more euphoria

Gravity exists and so does where it leads

My world is changed

Now it's boring and arranged

Organized and strange

Unlike what I wanted

Different from what it was

Halted and haunted
Abeja Reina Jan 2017
There is no greater tragedy then
that which slips from our fingers.
Without reason or rhyme,
without tender goodbyes.
Your eyes filled with the sea,
your heart ebbs with the tide.
Those things that whisper soft,
that tickle the skin
and are lead by desire.
Fill dreaming minds, with lush waves
of the sweetest afterglow.
Any reasoning why, flew away
on the dark wings of the night,
and carry no weight.
Ma Cherie Jun 2016
I was flipping through some books that I got from a free pile.... some lovely literary titles.
In the back with a note with a quote from Robin Williams

"Please don't worry so, because in the end none of us have a very long time on this Earth life is fleeting. And if you're ever distressed cast your eyes to the Summer Sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night if a shooting star streaks through the Blackness, turning night into day make a wish, think of me, make your life SPECTACULAR! "

I can hear him saying that in a sincere yet....  comedic tone. Words like this above and the ones following just seem to always flow from his lips

" you're only given a little spark of Madness you mustn't lose it"

" Comedy is acting out optimism"

" People say satire is dead. Isn't dead it's just living in the White House."

" the Statue of Liberty is no longer saying 'give me your poor, you're tired, your huddled masses'- she's got a baseball cap and a bat yelling- you want a piece of me?"

" Time is the best teacher, but unfortunately, it kills all of its students"

"Never pick a fight with an ugly person they've got nothing to lose"

And finally...not by any favorite

"No matter what people tell you words and ideas can change the world"
All above quotes by Robin Williams

"I think Robin Williams was an amazing quick witted poet, an exceptionally gifted actor...because I'm not sure he was acting...and he was also a very shiny human being" - Cherie Nolan © 2016
Fun, inspiring.... Just because I hadn't been writing poetry when he died so this is for him. I personally loved him as an actor I wish I could have known him more as a person which is unrealistic! Through his words & pictures I hear his voice and know him as well as I can. If anyone doesn't care for Robin Williams or comedy that is totally fine- if not perhaps you can find something in his words to appreciate...Farewell Mork! thanks for reading. :)
Layla Thurman Nov 2014
Have you ever had it
where your heart feels
like it's all swollen up
and it's pressing into your throat
causing you to choke
and your blood
feels more like maple syrup
and you just want to curl up and cry
because your life
is turning into another
Teenage love tragedy.
This is basically my life right now...

— The End —