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Elijah Bowen Dec 2019
There is a wound,
black as a cave and burning,
Smoke, and then people, pour out.

Look up, up
beyond the roar of metal
beyond the seething, traumatized pixels
that clutch their ******* set out to sag with milk and blood.
beyond how far your eyes will naturally go,
and you can see it-
the flap of a purple tie
(his son insisted on it)
and that was her sister’s green dress
(they wore the same size in everything).
small and out of the blue
they plummet as children.
so we the people or as we were later titled bystanders
want to hold them in our arms
we want to grab them out of the sky, yes,
grab them with those awful thoughts of belonging.
that you ought to be here, with me
on this ground that will inevitably
lead to homes that haven’t used up
all their printer paper on fliers.
home, not the sound of a car crashing
into another car except
we know it’s you and the pavement
and it’s all right if we can’t scrub all of it from our heads and faces, just please try to be down here with us, walking sometime tomorrow and
19 years from today
same old same old
New Yorkers pounding the concrete
upright, wearing our dress shoes
with a shirt we bought after we somehow
were all walking the day after that and our
minds were still spiraling the shaky little walking path we made
around the first woman who just wouldn’t
stop falling and bursting open
falling and bursting open
and falling and falling open again.

jump into the promise that
i will try to catch you.
even if it’s on the flip side, baby,
just please trust that i’ll be standing,
rippling in blue,
right where you need me to be.
AnonEMouse Sep 2017
how appropriate it seems
today is September 11th
16 years
and sitting in the aftermath
not quite the same

instead of
burned buildings
buried bodies
concave structures as
waters recede

16 years difference
in different states

one man made
full of hate
the other of nature
calm and powerful

the sensation of both
quite the contrast
trudging through snowflakes
of human ash
weathering wind
carrying livestock to high ground

one was a peaceful resoloution
as the winds whipped
the other
the weight of sadness
of lives lost
the passing of many souls
of which we do not know

the unknown

one was prepared for
the other
we could not
but on the day the hurricane left
we will never forget

that day

walking up canal street

the skies filled with red
Destiny Fleming Sep 2015
He turned and kissed her,
He put his hand on her stomach to greet the new life, his voice a purr.
Off to work he goes,
But no one knows.
Until this day,
When our nation was turned into a useless fray,
Where everything will soon be a monotonous gray.
He forgot his keys,
So he doesn’t leave.
Maybe if he would of stayed a little longer,
His life wouldn’t of been stolen,
From terrorist mongers.
He pulls away,
Not knowing about this day.
“Goodbye, my dear. You have nothing to fear.”
A silver car,
She thinks, “He won’t travel too far.”
Little does she know,
He will soon go.
Go to a place with angels and things,
Where he will gain his wings.
When the news announces the attack,
Her heart has been snatched, never to be given back.
Going to the towers,
Her heart plucked, like a balding flower.
The towers falling,
The children calling,
A fatherless baby brought into the world,
Never to be known as “Daddy’s Little Girl”.
That was the day her walls fell down,
That was the day, her emotions were in a bound.
Clutching the Hopeless,
The world in a mess.
Our nation too soon to be broken,
Before anyone could have spoken.
Our people will climb back to their knees,
Open your eyes, please.
We can tolerate pain for so long,
Before we proceed to right the wrong.
(We will never forget)
Rockie Mar 2015
Planes crashing
Towers exploding
News covering
Tears forming
Men falling
Videos created
Uprise roaring
The whole world
In baited breath
Death all around
It started with a hijacking
Or maybe a bit before
But we are resilient
*We shall NOT be brought down screaming
I am currently studying a poem based of off 9/11 and formed this in my head while reading it. Although it doesn't quite capture the true emotion by this particular event, I hope it gets that across.
KZ Sep 2014
A roar,
That's what it was.
A cry,
That's what it was.
It was these times
Where the demons redeemed their dimes.
Those innocent dimes.
Each unique in their own way.
But it was their life that was taken away.
**To pay.
A price,
They never needed to pay.
I can go on forever at how it was unfair. But I'm not going to.
My heart remains for those grieving .
To everyone.
Be thankful for the life you are given.
Because within a minute.
Hour it can go.

— The End —