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Gavin silverman Mar 2018
A sacred line between
"Plants are Alive" and "Animals that Survive".

This stems from the vine
that reached the minds,
who went vegan in time.

A rise above the ground
to eat only plants and grains from the ground
and any fruit laying around.

This has been the talk of the town,
any voices around.
From any blogs I have found
to the speakers in bound.
The community around
Allow this
to be the map you have missed
to find a diet of bliss
that your taste buds don't miss.
Random line: So, board this train so veganism remains.
AnonEMouse Sep 2017
how appropriate it seems
today is September 11th
16 years
and sitting in the aftermath
not quite the same

instead of
burned buildings
buried bodies
concave structures as
waters recede

16 years difference
in different states

one man made
full of hate
the other of nature
calm and powerful

the sensation of both
quite the contrast
trudging through snowflakes
of human ash
weathering wind
carrying livestock to high ground

one was a peaceful resoloution
as the winds whipped
the other
the weight of sadness
of lives lost
the passing of many souls
of which we do not know

the unknown

one was prepared for
the other
we could not
but on the day the hurricane left
we will never forget

that day

walking up canal street

the skies filled with red

— The End —