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Layla Thurman Jul 2015
I'm different every morning
I'm never the same person I fell asleep as...
Sometimes I can't even look in the mirror...
I can't connect to who I'm seeing...
Sometimes I want to feel pretty...
Then others I want to be handsome...
My own body makes me uncomfortable...
There are some days when I match up...
Then there are other days when everything is wrong...
Its ugly...
I don't know who I am...
And I can't tell anyone...
Being genderfluid has caused me so much anxiety and dysphoria and it's really killing me... And I can't tell a soul... Not even my boyfriend who I tell everything to...
Layla Thurman Mar 2015
Never in my life
have I met a boy
who was so indescribable.

Whose nature
was that of the wind
wild, free, independent.

Whose laugh
is like the forest
the sound so rich and pure.

Whose dreams
were of the stars themselves
and nothing less would do.

Only comparable
to those things which
are indescribable.

and yet,
we all try anyway.
Layla Thurman Mar 2015
I lost myself again
wandering through your eyes
Layla Thurman Dec 2014
My mouth it did betray me
three words I whispered
softly into your ear
and now my lips do linger
waiting for some reply
Layla Thurman Dec 2014
My heart is racing
my fingers continue tracing
waiting for you to speak

My eyes are searching
my stomach lurching
waiting for your reply

Why does this silence seem so long
Layla Thurman Dec 2014
You can take your spiteful words
and shove them up your ***
when it comes to taking **** from you
Sorry, but I'll pass
because I've accepted hatred
and hurt, pain and depression
and i'm getting sick and tired
of writing poems as confessions.
So *******
I'm tired of your ****
my feelings are a fire
the flame has been lit.
Layla Thurman Dec 2014
My heart had your name
written on it so clearly
but your heart
only had a small smudge
where my name should have been.
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