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Palpebra Oct 2021
rightfully wronged
roughly toughened
a woman who's strong
to none do i belong
walked down the aisle
shed blood
a cold smile
after the tear flood
life's hard
like a shard
slowly kills
everything stills
what remains
are mere names
so think
let it sink
for no man's worth
so justify
your birth on earth
crème de la crème

the sexiest woman is the one who knows what she wants and has the courage to go after it

think like a king
act like a queen
¿Pa qué existe el zángano?  Un solo propósito tiene este bicho.....dejar preñada a la reina...hecho y dicho.

Este se hace el decir, no hace nada del labor que sostenga a la colonia.  Perdón,
pero este zumbon por ser el Ăşnico macho se sale con la suya pero todo se paga y por ser un inĂştil tragĂłn:

Poco después de su única relación amorosa, sufre el zángano una muerte asombrosa...pues la abeja reina lo destripa mientras goza.

Así fuera el caso con la mayoría de los hombres, cuchachos, y cuchos bien machos que no saben nada sino sacar más muchachos.
Somos zánganos los hombres pero no todos
Abeja Reina Jan 2017
There is no greater tragedy then
that which slips from our fingers.
Without reason or rhyme,
without tender goodbyes.
Your eyes filled with the sea,
your heart ebbs with the tide.
Those things that whisper soft,
that tickle the skin
and are lead by desire.
Fill dreaming minds, with lush waves
of the sweetest afterglow.
Any reasoning why, flew away
on the dark wings of the night,
and carry no weight.
Abeja Reina Jan 2017
For all the tears my baby must be crying thinking I am not there.
For all the calls he is trying to send me and I do not get YOU AT&T;!!
For all the lovely text message I am positive he is desperately sending me, YOU AT&T;!!

For all the "Good morning beautiful's " his strong hands are furiously texting me each and every day AT&T;!!
For all those wonderful "I love you's" he has to be trying fruitlessly to send me throughout the long and lonely days, YOU AT&T;!!
For all the " I miss you baby's" my sweet love must be tearfully hoping I will get, YOU AT&T;!!
Abeja Reina Jan 2017
There are moons I have not yet seen
Glassy ponds I have not swam in
Songs my soul has yet to hear
Love I have not felt
Arms that have not held me
Kisses that I so badly need
There are so many things I have not had
A life of happy experiences waiting to be had
brandon nagley Jul 2015
If I hid,
The amare of mine life
Tis love wouldst not be real...
For she is mine light!
I cannot hideth her,
For mine soul won't let that be,
For she's mine all
I just want for all the world
To see...
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Me llama su mi amour ', pero también reina mía, estoy siempre con ganas de más, de esa luna que residen en los sueños de las minas .... ( Spanish version)

English version+

I calleth her mi amour', yet also mine queen, I'm always wanting more, from that moon who reside's in mine dreams....

— The End —