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Madeon Aug 2017
You are like rain
So unpredictable
So refreshing
So sometimes ruthless
So gentle
So renascent
You come and go
And come back again
And leave me invisible traces
If you look closely
you'll see
there are still
unerasable traces of you
in my everyday.
yovanny andres Dec 2016
hold me close, even when i tell you to go
i need it the most, tell me you hate me and leave
but come back soon, lay still on my chest
i will play dead, heartbreak and heartache
i'll be the one leaving traces on your skin
traces of being Nov 2016
Too roughly hewn and cleaved around edges frayed
shaped and reshaped by these own calloused hands

I realize the shape of things ,... who I am ... who I've become ―
The sound of my own raw voice knows not convention ;
it was nothing more than words of fragmented tomes exposed

Only the broken wind covering footprints on the road not taken
on a never ending journey into a lonely abyss

These greatest fears I've come to know ;
my greatest weakness bared and borne
                                        broken dreams bought and sold,
                                        for less than they were worth.

In the chill of this winter darkness grown cold
a newly recurring silence echoes poignantly,.. 
                                                  ­             redux
                                                               déjà vu ―
                                The only dream's fruition ever feared:

                     to walk alone at that predestined parting moment

                         within a stones throw of six feet underground ,...

                                 dropping to these knees at a threshold

                                              well-nigh left behind,

                            knocking at the door that leads beyond  ―  

                        never needing to know how to say goodbye …

                                 thinking out loud ... 11. 29. 2016
"saying goodbyes are the hardest words to say"

In a moment of deeply diminished confidence writ
It feels appropriate to give a nod to a real poet “Everbody knows”

“I have tried in my way to be free” ―  L.   Cohen   Bird on a Wire
Joyce Feb 2016
You are like a spider.
Hide in small places.
I got stuck in your web.
Leaves no traces.
As I try to escape.
I feel myself getting weaker.
Don't want to give in.
Into your poison of sin.
Secuded on soft satin.
Crawling under my skin.
The world feels
so much better.
As I'm writing you
this letter.
You, with your cookbooks and cardigans
And me, with my pretzels and poetry
Together occupy a tiny space in this great big world
Your fire melts me and my cold tempers your flame
And together we evaporate
leaving behind nothing but traces of your love for me
and mine for you.
Äŧül Apr 2015
You have imprinted all your memories here,
And now you do not have to at all fear.

You just tell me what and I will not just hear,
With all my soul I will always strive to listen.

You look beautiful in the night lamp dear,
For all the beads of your sweat will glisten.

You look gorgeous with those pearls there,
From your forehead they all are descended.

You appear youthful with those curls here,
Around your ears they all are so nicely coiled.

You appear deadly with those curvy eyes,
Lucky me I'll cherish their charms for lifelong.

You look fabulous with your lips quivering,
Even in my dreams I have not been luckier.
My HP Poem #835
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Feb 2015
Now I reached the lands again,
Still dazzled and confused I was,
From encounter with that Angel,
Oh how she had filled my twilight,
Unable to forget her divinely touch.

Magical touch had enchanted me,
Able to recall it from the voyage,
I stumbled when disembarking,
Oh it was the first time for me,
My thoughts would last along.

After so many days at the sea,
I planned of bathing properly,
Her illusion tricked me thereto,
Oh how her traces remained on,
Facing mirror, I stood perplexed.

Still unable to accept the reality,
I longed for that night to repeat,
Heart beats Angel in each beat,
Life staged a drama too crazy,
Unwilling to take the reality.

My body carries the vestiges,
I turn crazier with each bath,
Her lips' traces keep appearing,
Driving me mad is her memory,
God! Bring her to life once more.

I had my powers as a commodore,
I sent for the captain of my ship,
"What bothers you, my commodore,"
And so he asked of me kindly,
Then I told him of her traces.

Smiling he told me yet again,
"I had told you to get married,"
I agreed this time and nodded,
"Alright, search for me a bride,"
Going outside, he smiled plainly.
To everyone I recommend reading the first part firstly at the following link so that you may relate to this one better.

On my fellow poets' suggestions, I continued the story of the sailor who had encountered the Angel-Mermaid.

End of part 2/7 of the 'Angel?' saga.

To be continued...

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My HP Poem #766
©Atul Kaushal
Sophie Coleman Jan 2015
come on
let's leave this town behind
slip away into the night
we'll catch the first train
to anywhere
or at least
to the end of the line
let's leave all the traces
all the ghosts
of who we were
our bags on our shoulders
an adventure
late night diners
neon signs
loving ruthlessly and
not asking for forgiveness
let's question authority
question ourselves
question the universe
our minds in the clouds
searching for all the anwsers
we're young souls;
and the dark sky is calling
our names
Hi this is my first official poem!!!
Amanda Kyara May 2014
There are so many traces of you left

The scent of you on my favorite sweater
that lead me to think of the movie we watched together

The doodles on my notes when you weren't paying attention
all drawn in my favorite pink pen

The things that remind me of you
hurt the most when I think of them

And I do realize, how much I miss you
and all the traces you left for me to find
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