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Tamara Lynn Nov 2
We unwittingly became intertwined
Believing that our hearts could be pleasantly aligned
Although truthfully our souls were greatly confined
Stop your crying my love, it’s a sign of the times
Here we were doing that chaotic dance of so called romance
Were we masking the fact that we weren’t intact
Could it be that self love is what both of us lacked
Idealising a fantasy of what could be
Did we get caught up, ignoring the underlying misery
We can never be since it’s unrequited, you see
We must first help ourselves before we can love anyone else
And so we’ve become unwarrantedly intertwined
Only to unravel everything bound so closely together
Until all that’s left is a fragile memory that can only be treasured
KJ Nov 2
I keep breaking myself into pieces
and giving them away.

I’ll fade away little by little,
becoming smaller every day.

I fix and fill
each little hole.

I cure them eventually, and
it doesn’t matter what they stole.

As long as they are happy,
who cares how I feel?

As long as they aren’t broken,
I’ll bear wounds that time won’t heal.
Lemon Nov 1
Heed my warning,

And stay far away,

For horrors will unfold,

If you dare walk my way.

For I am a toxic flower,

One of the worst,

I'll bring you up,

Then drag you in the dirt.

I will make your wildest dreams come true,

That includes nightmares too.

So keep your distance,

Don't hold me close,

For when you do,

I just might explode.
Jules M Oct 31
I ran towards your light,
Ignoring the hot coals burning beneath my feet,
That you laid out for me,
So the bottoms of my feet would be scarred.
I ran towards your light,
Ignoring the oceans filling my lungs,
That you personally poured in,
So you could watch me drown.
I ran towards your light,
Ignoring the thorns in my sides,
That you wrapped around me,
So you could hold me back.
When clarity hit me,
I ran in the opposite direction,
Even though it was dark,
Because it was safer than you.
When happiness hit me,
You twisted your words,
And wove them through someone else,
To try and bring me back.
But now I know,
That your light is a warning sign,
Something to avoid at all costs,
Unless you want to end up lost.
Jules M Oct 31
I couldn't handle your **** anymore.
I was in love with you,
I gave you everything I had,
And you put barely anything into what I called

You put on this humorous face,
And vibrant energy,
Told me you loved me,
But where were you?

You threatened me on a normal,
And then played it off
Like a joke,
Like it's funny that women are beat because they don't love someone back.

You told me I was beautiful,
But you also told me to change my appearance and interests,
You also told me my scars were something that had to be erased,
And you told me I was too strange.

You got me high,
But when I tried to speak with you on a deep level,
Or connect with you,
You said "you're ruining my vibe."

I worked hard to please you,
Every time,
But you only did things
To please yourself.

I constantly told you I loved you,
And sometimes,
You just didn't say it back,
You just would look at me and walk away.

When we were alone,
You said I was your girl,
But when in the open,
I wasn't someone.

Your love is toxic,
But many flock to it,
Because you are very good
At being fake.

Your love used to flow through my veins,
It was what made my heart beat.

But when I had to beg for it,
When I had to chase for it,
While also watching you distance yourself from me,
I was done.

And like you always do,
You played it off like the girl is crazy,
Like you never did anything,
Because you cannot see your mistakes,
Even if they are thoroughly explained.

I will never hear from you
"I am sorry,"
But I don't need one to know
That your love was poison.
muhdzaim Oct 29
What's the colour of "toxic"?
Its can be express in so many ways.
Sometimes it's just mean to be in that way
And sometimes it's so in unexpected way.

Every day,
I listen to you, but you're so mean.
Every night,
I hold you but you break the chain.
Every time,
I give myself to you like you were the king
But you,
You disappear without any hint.

Would you
Tell me what you need?
Tell me what you feel?
Cause free me is all I need.
Truth already has been seen.
May you sleep with all your sins.
Maybe i'll make you
a love potion
Made of cyanide.

Just so you know what it feels like
To truly be dying inside.

If this is sugar
Then it's not so sweet.

If this is blood well
Honey, it's not that deep.
Taylor Oct 20
you do this everytime
with tears, collecting my things for good
you are my past now
about how well we finally have to leave
Taylor Oct 20
i keep
getting dragged
back out to sea
by the restless waves
that he created
so i can't escape
its his sick games
to keep me coming back to him
I hate him
alexia Oct 20
our time has ended
the smallest fragment of time we had together
that then seemed to have lasted a lifetime
but now only a second of my memory
if only the clock could go backward
we could save our supposed love
that love that burned hotter than a blue flame
the warmth enough to keep me cozy during your winters
and how cold and dangerous those winters were
you screamed, and you struck
oh, how distant your summers appeared to be
the only remedy my love for you
winters passed and summers went
still, you screamed, and you struck
then one day came, the last of all days spent with you
i could no longer bear your freezing winters
your warming love turned to suffocate
no longer heating my cold blood
it would be that last time you screamed
the last time you struck
the last season in your arms
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