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stopdoopy Dec 2018
We are done.

I will no longer sit idle.

I will not wait for my friends to get hurt.

It is long past due,

we will not tolerate it any longer.

Do not make up excuses,

listen to what your friends tell you,

do not give the benefit of the doubt;

they do not deserve it.

If they make you feel

unloved, belittled, ignored, hurt, unsafe,

come to me.

If they call you names

*****, *****, disposable, immature,  a child,

come to me.

Tell, if you wish, all of how they have done you wrong.

Tell me, and I will tell you.

Dump Them.

Gone is the time of "It's none of my business"

Gone is the time of "It's not your relationship"

Gone is the time of "No one asked for your opinion"

That is my friend,

and I will no longer sit and let my friends be hurt.
No matter who you are, friend or not, if you come to me and tell me such things I will not sit there and try to reason it out, I will not hear excuses to their behavior, I will not be forgiving. If you come to me with such words, I will be there to tell you to get out of it now.

I am absolutely fed up with people and how they treat others- that is your partner and you will treat them with the respect they deserve or you will get out. I DO NOT care that you are sexually unsatisfied, feel ignored, and feel unsupported when you have tried gaslighting and dragged in so many things that do not belong in the conversation. I DO NOT care if you are ******* and angry- you treat your partner with the respect they deserve. How dare you.

I'm livid that people will treat others like this and I am done being silent.
Allyssa Jul 2017
'Cause when I say, "Go to sleep,"
It means, "I love you."
Or when I tell you to eat,
That means, "Hey I care."
When you tell me that you love me,
I call you an idiot,
That's me saying it back but with the equivalence of stupidity.
You are the reason I stay awake at night and dream with my eyes open,
You are the stars in my dark sea that I have been constantly trying to drown myself in,
You are,
For Gods sake's,
My Planet Earth because what else is going to supply me the oxygen I need when my brain says,
"Don't breathe."
You make me not want to die when all I could think of is dying cause you know,
You are my alarm clock to when I sleep in,
My everyday phone call,
My back up plan when my back up plan needs a back up plan.
There are a billion of people out here that could have chosen me to deal with but you,
You at least tolerate me.
Thank you for the tolerance, at least.
Rochelle Nov 2015
I am so accustomed to the fact that no one gives a ****.
No one really cared.
They were never my friends.
They pity me and tolerate me.
I'm annoying and useless.
They don't want me around because I'm not good enough.
But they'd never know,
As the smile on my face,
Just as fake as them.
Murredith Apr 2016
don't say you won't tolerate liars because seven years from now, on a tuesday night you'll be sitting alone sending forgiveness through the phone to constant excuses that you won't recognise as lies until it's too late.

*you'll tolerate anything, for them.
Lor Mar 2016
His eyes.A piece of art she could admire forever.
Her mouth.A combination of desire and passion that never left his mind.
He loved and adored the pain on her face;
And she longed for a love she would never have.
She listened and she cried as he talked of others.But she never complained.
He was broken;Something she could not repair.Her biggest fault.
She whined alone and tightened her heart.And he never trusted no one.
Julianna Oct 2015
I'm learning
To tolerate
The skin
In which I dwell.
Self love is so hard to achieve but I'm not done trying
Sheik Hazi Oct 2015
My Honey,

Whenever I remember you, ‎
Tears are falling down,
On my face and flowing all around,
Burning like acid rain,
Making wounds on my skin,
I am tolerating this pain, 
Only to see you once again.

— The End —