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Lor Mar 2016
Was the world always so lonely?I wonder.
Beer never seemed so friendly before,cigarettes never smelled so nice.
Did Heaven broke?Words were never so hard to find.

                             But then...

If he was War,i'd never choose Peace.
If he was th Devil,i'd never turn to God again.
If he was Darkness,Light would become my enemy.

And so,i am sorry,for he shall never know.
And so,i am sorry,for i shall never show.
Lor Mar 2016
It was cold and i was full of sweat.
It must've been around 3am and i could tell ; the sky was dark,no stars around,only a shy silverish moon hiding behind the dense clouds..
My heart was racing,my blood was boiling,a poisonous,shivering chill all over me..

It was dream,was it not?

Ah;It was a pair of dark,brown eyes which were made only to stare at me.
A a pair of thin,pale lips which were made only to smile at me.
And everynight i would whine.And everyday i would rue.

My soul locked to his soul and my eyes set on his eyes.
For that was the loudest silence he could ever give to me,and only me.
Lor Mar 2016
Do you remember,the words that never left our mouths?
the days we never cried and the screams we held inside?
Humans live in pride and humans die alive;

Kinds of empty kingdoms
ruling hidden disires
smoking dreams,drinking lies;

Queens of broken men
shallow faces,chocked chests;

Men and women both long what is hard to find.
They yearn their fates.
Lor Mar 2016
Mornings never seemed so dull;
The sun was in despair,clinging to the dark;
And the moon sang every night,
and the clouds stayed hidden,
and people were happy;an illusion so false.

And suddenly they were old and rotting,
as they read their lives' meaning they cried;
And twilight came,and it was soon.
Oxygen left the lungs and peace was seen;
So close,so bright;

Heaven was cold,and people faded away.
All alone,peace was far from there.
And those who lived longed to die,and they smoked,and they drank,and they ran and ran.

And eyes met;souls united;bodies fell;
Yet the dawn would never come.Such is hell.
Lor Mar 2016
I thought of how much time it's been since i first realized you were special.
I don't remember the moment i first loved you;There were so many times.
I don't remember the moment i first felt a crack;There were so many times as well.
I remember the feelings;the agony,the pain,the joy,the passion;All of them.
Love is prideless,love is mirthless.
My heart was a ******* for cherishing what was bad for her,and i was a saddist for letting her do as she pleased.
Each time was different and each time was the same;
You talked and talked,thinking i would never mind
And i closed my mouth and gulped my feelings,because i would never try.
Such is the fate i chose.
Lor Mar 2016
His eyes.A piece of art she could admire forever.
Her mouth.A combination of desire and passion that never left his mind.
He loved and adored the pain on her face;
And she longed for a love she would never have.
She listened and she cried as he talked of others.But she never complained.
He was broken;Something she could not repair.Her biggest fault.
She whined alone and tightened her heart.And he never trusted no one.
Lor Mar 2016
Have you ever felt being torn?
have you ever seen a pitch soul?
have you ever told the right words?
Does wrong feel right?
Does black seem now white?
Does your brain synchronise with whatever's in your chest?
Ah.Laughter made of tear's the best.
So.Have you ever,ever loved or been loved ?
When did you fall and broke?

— The End —