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stopdoopy Dec 2018
We are done.

I will no longer sit idle.

I will not wait for my friends to get hurt.

It is long past due,

we will not tolerate it any longer.

Do not make up excuses,

listen to what your friends tell you,

do not give the benefit of the doubt;

they do not deserve it.

If they make you feel

unloved, belittled, ignored, hurt, unsafe,

come to me.

If they call you names

*****, *****, disposable, immature,  a child,

come to me.

Tell, if you wish, all of how they have done you wrong.

Tell me, and I will tell you.

Dump Them.

Gone is the time of "It's none of my business"

Gone is the time of "It's not your relationship"

Gone is the time of "No one asked for your opinion"

That is my friend,

and I will no longer sit and let my friends be hurt.
No matter who you are, friend or not, if you come to me and tell me such things I will not sit there and try to reason it out, I will not hear excuses to their behavior, I will not be forgiving. If you come to me with such words, I will be there to tell you to get out of it now.

I am absolutely fed up with people and how they treat others- that is your partner and you will treat them with the respect they deserve or you will get out. I DO NOT care that you are sexually unsatisfied, feel ignored, and feel unsupported when you have tried gaslighting and dragged in so many things that do not belong in the conversation. I DO NOT care if you are ******* and angry- you treat your partner with the respect they deserve. How dare you.

I'm livid that people will treat others like this and I am done being silent.
Stella Jul 2018
You constantly belittle me
You constantly insult me
You constantly make me feel weak
Every little thing you say
Strikes deep in my heart
The heart can only take so much
Before it just shuts off
But you want that don’t you?
You want to see me fall
And break
And just get out if your way
Gods it hurt
Someone who I loved as a brother
Started to bully me
You know things about me
Those things you promised never to bring up
Then you go and do it
In front of my parents
My friends
And the school
Do you know how that feels?
It makes me want to die
The fact I can’t even keep a friend
That won’t betray me
Makes me feel so SAD
Everything you say
Just adds insult to the injury
You exposed my darkest secrets
My biggest fears
And my deepest passions
All for what?
To humiliate?
Destroy maybe?
Well you succeeded
You hurt me
Your broke my trust
You made me stone hearted again
And I HATE you for that
Yep. Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it.
Ashlea Feb 2017
I am constantly misread.
By the way I speak,
The words I write,
And the actions I do.
Everything is analyzed in such a way, today
That there is no way around it.
We are criticized,
Yelled at,
Because of words we did not say.
But for the interpretations people take from our
Words we speak,
Words we write,
And actions we do.
Life was simple back then
When I wasn’t constantly misread.
Keah Jones Mar 2015
Maybe begging you to stay was the reason

it was 5:30 a.m. and you told me I wasn't the one

and all of these poems are ******* and have nothing to do with anything that is going on in my head

but three months ago I tried to **** myself and you wouldn't answer your phone.

when you saw me the next night you told me everyone has bad days.

With beer in hand and stagger to your walk I believed you

Cause you were right,

everyone has bad days, I would never deny anyone of that

even my bad days are better than others

I have never had my stomach pumped,

I have never drank till I have passed out

I have never been in a car accident

but I have tasted the cold bitter remnants of what love was supposed to be after swallowing one too many pills

I have opened my skin in the attempt rid my blood of you

I have stained sheet after sheet with what I thought beautiful was,

still all I can hear is you preaching that it's just another bad day
sitting in the ash of protest,
roasting in clutching desires
nothing could I offer-
feeling so small and broken
ever been belittled? ask me. :(

— The End —