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JD May 15
You took my breath away with your smile
You stole my heart with your kisses
You made me appreciate the things in life I never know existed.
Some people bring out things that we never know existed.
JD May 15
My heart has been shredded
My soul destroyed
Yet my body continue to live
Like that of a fungus in a cold dark place.
JD Aug 2023
Now that I felt your lips on mine,
The passion in your kiss,
I can never go back,
I can never kiss another
for you have spoilt me.
I will never kiss again :(
Sometimes we experience things only once in a lifetime and once the standards are set, you cannot go back.
JD Aug 2023
death is never an option...
too many responsibilities
and too many people
relying on you.
JD Aug 2023
today life feel so broken..
i just want to die please
but i cannot...
for the son and grankids
i leave behind...
i have no choice but to live
JD Jul 2023
Your mouth is a weapon,
Your words might not ****
but like a bullet,
It can do a lot of damage!
Sometimes it's best to say nothing instead of saying harmful things
JD Jun 2023
Yesterday was filled with pain,
Yesterday saw so many laughs.
      Today I say goodbye,
      Today I close the door.
            Tomorrow is new,
            Tomorrow I start again!
Ending a relationship is never easy and walking away is the hardest but sometimes we have to live with what we no longer have.
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