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JD May 2021
for the longest part of my life
my mother said she would be "better off dead"
for the longest part of my life
i had to hear, "if you dont do what i say i might as well be dead"
for the longest part of my life
i heard "you will miss me when I'm dead"
for the longest part of my life
i was blackmailed, emotionally.

One cannot make a person want to live.
One cannot make a person except what they have done.
One cannot take the blame, if you are only a little child.
my earliest memory of "keeping things safe" by agreeing to mum ultimatums...I was maybe around 6.
JD Feb 2021
I bared my heart and soul to you and you embraced my honesty.

You said it's a quality you love
but was not ready for the words you heard.
Everyone wants honesty but sometimes they cannot handle the truth.
JD Feb 2021
For you, I will travel the galaxy.
For you, I will swim the ocean.
For you, I will break every rule.
For you, I’m nothing but a friend.
JD Dec 2020
You reel me in, pluck me out of waters,
see how I struggle for air.
The triumph is written on your face,
then with force, back in the water I go.

I circle slowly, just to be sure
then I swim for my life,
It is too late, as I'm still hooked
Again, you slowly reel me back in.
Invisible fishing rods is how some people keep us in their lives.  Sometimes they let us go and sometimes they just continue to play the same games of catch and release.
JD Dec 2020
Your eyes don't want to see me
Your arms can't hold me tight
Your lips won't kiss me

Was it me who drifted away?
Was it you who moved on?
Was it just time and came between us?
Sadly, we drift apart from loved ones.
JD Nov 2020
Sometimes my world is black
and sometimes it's blue.

Sometimes my world turn bright
and that's because of you.
Some people have the ability to change your day with a simple word or smile
JD Nov 2020
Some secrets are meant to be broken,
to save another.
Some secrets are dark and destructive,
and we need to heal.
Some secrets are meant to be kept secret,
as they are to deep to share.
We cannot always say how we feel so we have to keep that love forever in our hearts.
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