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  Aug 5 JD
Nishant Rawat
It's strange
How we went
From talking forever,
To rarer,
To never.
To all the old friends.
JD Aug 5
It's funny how I can not have you in my life
Yet, I cannot live  without you...
JD Aug 4
Round and perfect
We go around in circles
We draw circles in the sand
Your arms around me
A circle of love
JD Jul 25
You were odd
Big bloke with a big beard
Eye tattoo on your neck

You smell of ***** and smoke
You made me laugh
You were my friend

Today I sit alone
Looking at the unread message on my phone
The one you never saw

I wish I could’ve said goodbye
But time ran out too fast
Faster than your angel could fly

Another one taken too soon
Cancer claims another soul
Dust to dust, forever in my heart.
Love the people in your life.  They may not be there tomorrow!
  Jul 21 JD
A smile can hide the truth,

The mouth can whisper lies,

But the eyes will always reveal,

What's hidden deep inside.
The eyes are the window to the soul.
  Jul 21 JD
Joanna Alexandre
I want so badly
for you to message me
I just want to know
That at least once
I’ve crossed your mind
And you couldn’t
resist the urge
To reach out to me
I want so badly
for some sort of
to you,
I didn’t mean
JD Jul 20
Bleeding heart
Rotting soul

Torn apart
Eaten by the wild

Storms raging
Death and destruction

I cannot have you in my life
Without you I cannot live

My world is shattered
You tore it apart

You are destruction
Or could it be me?
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