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Rogue Oct 2017
The sun is long gone, leaving tracks of hazy promise of return
Perhaps a jettison, I am, that of which I am to spurn
With sprinkles of stardust and dimming moonbeam, I yearned
nothing but a light to hold on to, even the palest will do

Yet the ever so generous God gave me not the palest
For a beacon of wonder I can hardly believe exists
did come over my orbit, a sojourn I expect the least
And a bond is made between the two

The light that overwhelms me and the stars that surround
forever I am caught up glimmering in astound,
making me want to find more than what I found--
those little pieces that makes you, you
The moon is in love with the comet, not with her sun.
Allyssa Jul 2017
'Cause when I say, "Go to sleep,"
It means, "I love you."
Or when I tell you to eat,
That means, "Hey I care."
When you tell me that you love me,
I call you an idiot,
That's me saying it back but with the equivalence of stupidity.
You are the reason I stay awake at night and dream with my eyes open,
You are the stars in my dark sea that I have been constantly trying to drown myself in,
You are,
For Gods sake's,
My Planet Earth because what else is going to supply me the oxygen I need when my brain says,
"Don't breathe."
You make me not want to die when all I could think of is dying cause you know,
You are my alarm clock to when I sleep in,
My everyday phone call,
My back up plan when my back up plan needs a back up plan.
There are a billion of people out here that could have chosen me to deal with but you,
You at least tolerate me.
Thank you for the tolerance, at least.

— The End —