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chloe Mar 2018
today was yesterday and they lied about tomorrow.
it doesn't exist. just like you.
you are only one thing in a world of hatred recklessness.
you were never planned. you are nothing. let me make it clear.
i don't want you to think that you got it easy. because you didn't.    
no-one ever does. its a myth of constellations in the sky.
i want. * don't say it * it breaks people and keeps them in eternal darkness. you are asking for something they can't extrapolate from themselves.
what are you going to take from this. nothing.
you fit. thats all you need to know. you certainly don't fit in. but you fit. within a world of your own.
because of me. i wanted it to be perfect. it wasnt. it never will. and this is now my punishment.
take it from me.

yours sincerely,
this is all about me. don't take it personally
Jewbarremore Apr 2016
He’s riding local
While she’s riding express
Both on the same level
Thoughts of freedom race through
One breaks down
While one zooms away
But for a brief second they both open
Let lose their insecurities and opened up their dreams
Out of everyone in the sea their eyes meet
For a moment life was still
Cupid never hit a couple so alike before
Just as he was swimming to start a life filled with pure love and freedom
Train wreck to his and her train of thought
And there dies a dream in the city of dreams
Their thought process is thought differently but they are still the same thoughts. Who knows true love can be at eyes first meet?
Jewbarremore Mar 2016
sleeping till I've seen the images needed
eating till I turn sick
running till I'm free
thinking of all the conclusions
I’ve been treating life as it's not life, but a game
why does everybody seem to be in a monopoly
instead of life
we rather build buildings lasting ages
instead of embracing a earth that's everlasting
popular opinions is the only thing that matters
instead of the matter of life they just rather pollute
there is no winner in our end but too our future we leave behind
haven’t slept
too busy living
haven’t eaten
too busy feeding
haven’t ran
too busy walking
haven't thought
too busy experiencing
Amitav Radiance Jan 2015
Words flow languidly
Stream of consciousness
Enriches the memories
I am with me, in silence
Realization dawns over
Every idea sprinkled
Over the garden of dreams
Many flowers bloom
None the same
Multitude of colors
Fills the space
Otherwise, devoid of meaning
Mesmerizing dreams
Wake me up from slumber

— The End —