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chloe Mar 2019
i don't know where i stand.
nobody wants me.
i think it's time to take a minute for myself.

yeah so thanks x
love u the most! sic
chloe May 2018
its harder to speak than to yell.
and harder to yell than to.....think.
as the slumber passes, and the daisies awake.
i feel as if i could talk to you.
just talk.
it might not be a real conversation.
because i might jut blink. and the time i felt i could talk.
would have dashed away from me.

in the night, the stars form into flowers.
others see constellations, or space stations.
but i am unique. i see picturesque flowers bathing in the night glow.
iris. rose. both in bloom. blossoming from the roots of the starry night.
it is really easy to know.
just harder to
speak even if your voice shakes.
~dolly everett.
chloe Apr 2018
i know its not a poem.
its more of a thankyou.
a sorry.
a reply.
a hello. and maybe it could be a goodbye.
I just wanted to thankyou from the bottom of my heart.
for you have followed me.
right from the start.
thank you so much for following me!
im only 13 and am only just finding my spot in this earth. so thankyou x
chloe Apr 2018
will you cry. when i leave you.
i hope not. i hope you are smarter than that. i will always be with you. thick and thin.
so my love. don't weep or scream or cry.
just smile. and i know its hard.
when someone you love has just left.
it seems so rude to leave.
like leaving the table without excusing yourself.
i left because it was hard. i was soft and didn't know what to do.
now i teach in the sky. dancing with satan or whoever is really up here. as much as i would like to tell you.
i keep my mouth
s h u t .
don't force anything upon me. my darling leave me alone.

♥ ~
chloe Apr 2018
you make me smile when i'm down.
you read me.
if you feel down and i am there.
you are always there for me.
forever you will be.
forget me not.
dont sway.
keep with me.
always be by my side.
if you move across the field will follow.
i want you to know. that i am sticky like glue and will always be like that.
please dont let me down.
forevermore x
rubys link~ chuck her a follow she's amazing x
chloe Apr 2018
my love.
standing in the daisies. i wish you were closer.
standing strong and not letting go of the reeds beneath your feet
i always hope that one day. you will trust me again.
i know that what i did was unforgivable.
but today i stand.
what i said i meant. i will not change that. but how i said it.
i am disgraced. please believe me.

everly, go check her out x
chloe Apr 2018
the sky turned black today.
everyone acted as if this was normal.
why? am i crazy or is the sky black?
i was the only one who noticed, the only one who cared.
i got lost.
no-one looks down corridors or stairways or dark alleys anymore.
as they no what happened.
as their own sky's turned black, they ran. they knew what type of person would pounce.
i didn't know.
i didn't run away from the black sky.
but i stayed. and now i have to.
i have no choice.
thats all i need.
give it to me. please.
dark alleys- use with caution
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