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Allie Dotson Apr 3
It's okay
a customary reaction
the familiar routine
to a question always asking
day by day the days are the same
with us all insane
the words hold no value
and means nothing compared to what it seems
what they are supposed to mean
it has lost all value
and lost all fight
the convictions once held
not bounding to the truth
covering up a call for help
the system has failed
what are they suppose to say
not in a society that reacts disproportionately
where things are taken to new heights
with the fear of falling
leading them to fail
They can't go that route
for the Tigers are out to hunt
show no signs
don't show inside
and perhaps they will believe that side
that perhaps you are one of them
so as of now
we say we are okay
A destroyed castle by the sea in a full moon night,
The sand bathes under the moon light;
I can hear her whispers,
I can see her cry.

The waves rush to the land,
Trampling on the sand;
As she walks away,
Her mind is a dark canvas.

With a heavy heart and moist eyes,
She soars above the sky;
The sun welcomes her with its warmth,
To a beautiful dawn.

Every day ends with a night
And every night ends with a day.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved.
Beyond every storm lies a beautiful tomorrow.
Allie Dotson Jan 6
How can you be so infatuated on a single substance
A single thing that can ruin any connection that may try to sprout
To make what is already grown
fragile enough untill they all have been shattered

As it is a wall blocking those who choose it
from the real world
and yet you choose the foreign substance
but do you consider how dangerous that something is
That you can loose your own body
your own mind
your own life

People talk about aliens
or if mind control really exists
but the undeniable is already reeping the nation  
with the acceptance age being 21

you have given over your mind and body
The contract signed
A signature with your name finished in a lithal red
It might as well of been your will
For the only life you will live
won't even be lived as as you

you choose to be isolated
accompanied by something you've only know for a couple of years
and leave behind the people whom you have known all your life
or worse all of theirs

The life where you have choices
to not be bounded
To be in control
Is gone with a simple existence
a baneful prison
A fate which you solidified
with setting a reminder in the back of your head
A nag that is eating away any sanity  
Deteriorating each sip that goes by

The mind so weak
though so always frail
easy to be controlled by a simple substance

yet It is only though that
when your body looses way
and the pain from with in seeps through
with the physical limitations having been met
For then you finally say
I shouldn't of started
Yet how come you still won't stop?
Allie Dotson Dec 2018
The blue line
Somewhere in between time
I shall not cross
A fear bounding me to be lost
They are there
And I am here
A blue line
Which only seems to be mine
  Dec 2018 Allie Dotson
Let me introduce myself,
I'm known by all as "Greed;"
I want what others have,
not things that I may need.
My name is very popular,
"Rumors" it would be;
I ooze about your town,
bringing lies and false beliefs.
"Deceipt" is what they call me,
some use me everyday;
To cause chaos and havic,
as I go my merry way.
I think that I am worse,
I'm the "Failures" from your past;
I bring back painful memories,
my devastation's vast.
  Dec 2018 Allie Dotson
Curtis Owens
The solitary pianist played.
alone .
fingers met keys unlocking the subtle, sonorous, secrets  hidden within the music .
Feeling seemed to seep and surge from the pianist playing, puncturing soul and heart.
Dim light illuminated the scene: piano, player, chess patterned perch and nothing else.
Nothing else seemed so close and so far as if reaching out to touch something but missing it by nail lengths.
The music sung to the emptiness.
A sirens call in the dark.
A searching scream.
The song seemed to sink and soar.
The man played more and more.
On and on and on and on and on and on
Sailing that emptiness, seeking sanctuary from himself.
Trying to stop stepping deeper and deeper.
Revolving now, a Waltz with himself.
Solemn song sung for a stolen mind.
Poached personality.
Short,secret, pleasures swapped for a soul.
Sanity set sail, a drift in black.
Swimming and flying and drowning with no way back.
  Dec 2018 Allie Dotson
ting is
your           life
thro             ugh
a ne           edle
and         if
you sew
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