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Allie Dotson Sep 22
Muffled buzzes surrounding your ears
Ringing bells come through your head
you heard the danger
you knew the risk
yet still you went
I watched you walk away
farther and farther
until only the thought was left
The night was ablaze
a fire from within drowning in a burn
it was a night to remember
and a night I can't forget
it's replying in my head
a scratch in a tape
I should of stopped you
I shouldn't of let you go
yet you were gone when mornings wind blew.
Allie Dotson Sep 1
Velvet secrets linger away
angels decay in poison joy
soft fever sky's
in a early mornings dew
icy words placed on the ghostly smile
The incident placed in a file
as the hearts color never knew hue
the baby's born blue
Allie Dotson Aug 27
It's okay
a customary reaction
A familiar routine
to a question always asking
On a face always masking

Day by day the days are the same
with us all insane
the words hold no value
and means nothing compared to what it seems
To what they are supposed to mean
it has lost all value
and lost all fight
the convictions once held
Isn't bounding the truth
It is covering up a call for help
the system has failed
what are they suppose to say

Not in a society that reacts disproportionately
where things are taken to new heights
when the fear of falling
leads them to fail
They can't go that route
for the Tigers are out to hunt
show no signs
don't show what's inside
and perhaps they will believe that side
that perhaps you are one of them
so as of now
We say we are okay
Allie Dotson Aug 27
bleeding eternity
We remember the broken memories
the morning bringing darkness
lingers the decaying flowers
fragile may be
set in a glass universe
a vast heart desires
isolates her embrace
Allie Dotson Aug 25
1 2 3

hush little baby
it will be alright

4 5 6

shh its okay
nothing to fear

7 8 9

Don't worry
you're okay

10 11 12

You have learned your lesson
mistakes happen

13 14 15

Don't do that again
You're getting too old

16 17 18

You're not a child anymore
That is not okay

19 20 21

You're on your own
Allie Dotson Jan 23
devouring fires
the sky's made vast
ask eternity to heal
from those whom desire bleeds
the smiles decaying
the universe filled with the remains of stars
use days embrace to melt those with glass hearts
with a haunting mornings breath
time concretes over life's color
bring and give
While I lay here dead
Allie Dotson Nov 2019
There are no answers to questions
Questions do not get questioned and curiosity is tamed by the adventure that awaits.
Held back by the limitations drawn and defined by only you.
The limits are limitless.
A place that cannot be defined.
A wasteland of imagination.
It is a portal from reality to what could be.
A dream is the portal to what a future can hold from the seedlings of hope.
A hope that stays even if it can no longer be reached.
We dream and dream so we can hope.
It just takes 1 night
1 dream,
a glimmer of a glimpse full of delusions.
An altitude of imagination with the landing unexplored (or undiscovered)
and the seas uncharted to rescue a drawing hope.
So deeply sunk by waves of more realistic goals.
To save the last hope one can hold.  
A place where one may find themselves free of others damnation.
We can take risks without the fear a failure
and we can jump without worrying about falling
For if we fall from the edge of the earth
the landing will never arrive
for then one awakes.
Leaving a gift of dreaming potential and hope.
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