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Allie Dotson Feb 2021
she whispers ugly symphonies
a bitter hissing song
unbearable to hear the lazy lies
The girl starts to cry
A rose smears across her bare face
The summer beauty sweats
her drunk fiddling fingers swirl
as she try's to make them stop
I stay behind the tree and stare
wishing the sky would tear
and the clouds would fall
so I wouldn't have to interfere
I walk a step and the chanting stops
my opportunity tossed
a life was at lost
Allie Dotson Feb 2021
Oh nice guy
nice guy
you have always done the right thing
always been there at the right time
and said the right line
oh nice guy
nice guy
no matter how many times I say no
you never go
I don't think you know
Oh nice guy
nice guy
I wish I could say yes
and that would end this whole mess
plus it would hurt me a lot less
oh nice guy
nice guy
please no more
I will leave you sore
My heart can't beat for yours because it is torn
Oh nice guy
nice guy
I'm not in love
its time to say goodbye
Allie Dotson Nov 2020
My steps create a whisper upon the wooden floor
Down the hall in an area barely ventured
I creaked open the door
Filled with cars, Legos and more
I tuck away the cars under my arm
creeping along the hall
I get to my room not making a noise
  I sit on my floor and unravel the cars
There I play with the untouchable toys
hours or more until I hear that door
my brother comes in with a bang and slam
my heart starts to race as he heads to his room
I quickly hide and cover the mess on the floor
and I hear him call my name
Allie Dotson Oct 2020
Night has fallen long ago and the sun has many hours until it comes
No birds lay awake and the crickets barely stay asleep
The only sound is the swaying of trees.
They dance a waltz behind a girl
playing the same song since she could remember.
The rain hits against the bush that lays just below her window seal
and the occasional swoosh of a car going up the street signals that life is near.
The same girl lays in her bed with tired eyes, trying to finish a book she has just begun.
A familiar feeling of comfort and warmth
as she lays wrapped in two blankets
with two stuffed animals keeping away any fears
The constant snores from her parents floating down the hall and
The laughter leaking out of her brother's bedroom door.
With light streaming in reflected off the living room wall
She finds comfort and peace held in a fragment of time so small
Where dreams start to overlap reality.
You may find the girl
The one who hasn't changed for the past 18 years.
There she will be, laying on her bed with a book in her hand
The trees still remain in a dance
And the flickering eyes still appear to be in a trance.
Allie Dotson Sep 2020
Muffled buzzes surrounding your ears
Ringing bells come through your head
you heard the danger
you knew the risk
yet still you went
I watched you walk away
farther and farther
until only the thought was left
The night was ablaze
a fire from within drowning in a burn
it was a night to remember
and a night I can't forget
it's replying in my head
a scratch in a tape
I should of stopped you
I shouldn't of let you go
yet you were gone when mornings wind blew.
Allie Dotson Sep 2020
Velvet secrets linger away
angels decay in poison joy
soft fever sky's
in a early mornings dew
icy words placed on the ghostly smile
The incident placed in a file
as the hearts color never knew hue
the baby's born blue
Allie Dotson Aug 2020
It's okay
a customary reaction
A familiar routine
to a question always asking
On a face always masking

Day by day the days are the same
with us all insane
the word holds no value
and means nothing compared to what it seems
To what it is are supposed to mean
it has lost all value
and lost all fight
the convictions once held
Isn't bounding the truth
It is covering up a call for help
the system has failed
what are they suppose to say

Not in a society that reacts disproportionately
where things are taken to new heights
when the fear of falling
leads them to fail
They can't go that route
for the predators are out to hunt
show no signs
And don't show what's inside
and perhaps they will believe that side
that perhaps you are one of them
so as of now
You say you are okay
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