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TheWitheredSoul Jul 2019
Some feelings get stuck in your heart and perched in your mind
You will never express em ,you will never speak of em but those feelings
they are as real as the air you breath
as lively as the breeze that bezels your soul,those feelings they are the ones you will never be able to shake it off.
They are the ones that wont fade away.
K Balachandran Jan 2019
On elephant’s back,
Mahout tenuously perched,
Swoon over moon!
Wyatt Mar 2018
Perched on an edge,
sad and all alone.
The kid nobody sees
has no hint of home.
A single tear is shed as
it merged with the wind.
"Is anybody there?",
the boy called out to
the darkness behind him.
There was no reply.
Äŧül Jun 2016
An owl so elegantly sits here,
On the branch of any mango tree,
It so silently sits sans any fear,
On the three mango trees we have,
An owl so wisely perches there.
The owl is the most gorgeous bird.
My affinity to owls grew since Harry Potter.

My HP Poem #1083
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —