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labyrinth Nov 2021
When humankind is the subject
Slow is fast and fast is slow
Chew the cud before you object
You too will see this ironic flow
Syd Aug 2021
"I'm the truth" echoed
Mansur effaced his ownself
He was crucified
Mansur Al Hallaj was crucified for saying " I am the truth", ie proclaiming divinity. Later on, it was said : he had forgotten his own identity in the remembrance of God
Sheherazad Oct 2019
I let go and fall, fall, fall — ever so deep —
Into the cracks between your pieces
They’re the only way to your heart.
Let me swim through the crevices
Like a diver in the mines.

Ive struck gold.

Sheherazad May 2018
It is terrifying that love dooms us to pain —
because if not done correctly,
love is a cancer on the heart
Its greedy cells fed by the anguishing cannibalism
of one’s own mind,
unable to separate itself from the seed it once held

And if it done correctly,
lovers will feel that two bodies cannot become close enough.
I cannot melt into you
in the way that I want to
When I’m lying with my head on your chest
begging to fall into your heart.

When you are not here, you are too far
But even when I am in your arms,
separated by nothing but our skin,
You are still too far

Thank the lord for these two sorrows
and the ability to choose between them
— @sheherazad.poetry
Timothy Nov 2017
T h r e e  h u n d r e d  a n d  f i v e
(let that sink in)
Sufis needlessly suffered
at the hands of murderous militants
in the lands of the pyramids.

Their skin was brown, mine is white,
their tongue is seasoned differently.
A tribal mind might  
use that as a reason
to belittle their plight.

Sorry to speak so crudely
but divisions abound:
there are walls around
countries and in the human heart,
but thank God that
not one is to be found in art,
nor in meditation,
so here I send you a poem,
a prayer from a Western nation,
and tears that fall
when death’s not fair.

To all those families,
when it rains tonight,
God is there,
sobbing with you,
how dare
those who preach in His name
breach the sacred contract
and enter into deadly contact
and maim a woman, a child, a man
(Quran 5:32).
In memory of those who died the 24th November, 2017, at the hands of Islamist militants in Egypt’s North Sinai city of El-Arish. The title refers to Rumi, the famous Sufi poet, whose beautiful heart inspired this poem.
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