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JB Dec 2018
It’s the wholesome feeling when you tear into the
delightfully messy glaze
The soft fried dough
It’s a classic
Doughnut shop
The place you feel most comfortable
The most hungry
A place you make new memories every time you go
A doughnut by yourself, with a friend, with a special someone
This corner doughnut shop
Is my safe place
My home base
Mark Upright Aug 2018
The World Requires Edmund Black’s Random Acts of Doughnut Kindness (1/36)


a friend mutual on HP
sent me your poem below
asking me to respond appropriately,
close the tale, he said,
and that I would understand,
thinking by being marked,
I had some expertise in the matter

perhaps you are unaware that the world
exists only because there are at least thirty six^
righteous men on the earth and
personally believe,
there are more

who they are, a well kept secret,
but secrets tend to leak so...

only one,
Mr. Edmund,
employs a dozen doughnuts
(chocolate frosted)
to follow through
on the most important
commandment human
love thy neighbor
with a dozen holies

I’m told that like certain loaves of bread,
a dozen doughnuts
now have along with
wine and water
a place in the repertoire of the selector of the
thirty six

which needs noting,
a dozen
is 1/3 of thirty six

sometimes the answers are in the wholes of the holiest!

Edmund black
Jul 15

My Perfect Morning

The climate in the
World may change
But it will never
Change me
not for a moment
I truly have the most
amazing  life ,
Couldn’t be any better
I get up every morning
Next to  this gorgeous
amazing woman
Get my morning kiss
Maybe a few morning kisses
in my open mouth
If you get my drift
Cause you know I’m in love
Sit back in the back patio porch
Listening to Mother Nature’s  
while reading hellopoetry
Few minutes later
I told my lady  I had to
Go run  some errands
Not realizing yet
What’s up ahead,
Arrived and
While in line at Chrispy kreme’s
A little boy about 5 years of age
Loosing his mind over some
Chocolate frosted
Mother and father told him
They couldn’t afford it
They were only there for coffee
Little boy started
crying hysterically
My Heart Cries out for him
And chivalrously I’ve waited
in line right behind them
Just couldn’t allow
That to take place
I told dad if it was okay
I would love to buy the boy
a dozen chocolate frosted
He accepted and gave
me a hand shake
Mom teared up and dad
wouldn’t Stop thinking me
I hate seeing good
People like this
But anyway,
What an awesome moment
A moment of love sharing
And here’s the most
Amazing part of
my early morning outside
Of my morning kisses
I got the longest hug
From the little man
A handshake
From dad
And a kiss on the cheek
From mom
What can be any better
Than the life I live
I do what I want
And it’s mostly
Helping other people
That’s all that matters.
Having meanings in
Other people’s lives
Fulfills me ,
And what more
Can I say ,
My perfect

I live life
For the inexplicable
Life is love and love
     Always gives
^Mystical Hasidic Judaism as well as other segments of Judaism believe that there exist 36 righteous people whose role in life is to justify the purpose of humankind in the eyes of God. Jewish tradition holds that their identities are unknown to each other and that, if one of them comes to a realization of their true purpose, they would never admit it:
Äŧül Feb 2017
You are not here,
It is a different thing.
You are not here,
It is a separate thing.
Because I can have your manifestation,
And I can have them anytime,
Enjoying Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

You do not love me,
It is a strange thing.
Nor do I love you,
It is a sad thing.
But my feelings are not dead like yours,
And I can revive them anytime,
Eating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
My mum had been to Bengaluru, she brought doughnuts for me while returning via New Delhi.
She bought them for me from DLF Promenade shopping mall where an outlet of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts closest to the IGI airport, New Delhi is present.

My HP Poem #1419
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Feb 2017
Oh Doughnuts!
Oh oh Donuts!!
Oho delicacy!!!

This is how I long for you,
To drop into my mouth,
To slide down further.

Long enough now it is,
Your sweetness lingers,
On my mind ever since.
My HP Poem #1411
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Feb 2016
Saint Valentine didn't know me,
He had no idea about the future,
And now, blatant Valentine's lies,
Time & again and even yet again,
For love I wholeheartedly strive,
But all I get is fake, fake feelings.

Not blaming Valentine am I now,
He sure gave a reason to spend,
Both time as well as the silver dirt,
Indirectly popping employment,
Not just for few - even for me & you,
Don't we try working harder daily?

Just in hopes of finding a better day,
Of course we want more silver dust,
A good job & a fuller-heavier pocket,
Men try hard for earning enough,
Women try harder for respect,
Don't they all selfishly strive,
Do their wishes get fulfilled?

What do the MBA's always market?
Lingerie & diamonds for the lover,
Do they not try to sell love away,
Love stuffed into teddy bears,
Lust dripping from the multiflavoured condoms,
And what else do they want to sell,
Do the cakes not suffice with all that fattening cream,
Or the cream-filled chilled/hot doughnuts?
Just a word: Be smart, don't spend extravagantly on stupid items for your lover and instead save money for future or rather donate it to some good cause.

If your love is pure and the lover is true at heart, then the relationship will survive the troughs, twists, turns and tests of time without the need for such extravaganza.

Think what good use you could have put the money you just wasted on the binge Valentine's week spendthrift spending...

Live life not in this moment, live wise, plan for the future and save well. If you have no worries for the future, donate happiness to a social cause.

My HP Poem #1027
©Atul Kaushal
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