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I S A A C Feb 2022
Your smokey voice adding a layer of fog
To all my thoughts, make my heart jump like a frog
For all it counts I be there when it counts
Every second and hour on the clock
Your words slip out of your mouth like a waterfall and I am parched
The conjunction of our energy is wonderful and I offer my heart
Clinging to optimism because I often fall and cannot be ripped apart
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2021
Oh, hear me,
the humming cloud
is raining down.
Am I about to get back
my ears?

My long missed Saqi
gone to fetch the sea.
I say come your one
signature drop is enough.
Keeps the cloud afloat and intact
above the sea high enough.
Down to a parched Earth then
pour down some raw stuff
some zero sugar marshmallow fluff.
Saqi is a metaphoric wine bearer.
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2021
Rain in the eyes
has been for so long.
Now is a mo
parched Sahara is all in all.

Above the sea
is only the Moon.
The gap in between
is never short.
Nor for the night to sigh
left no teardrop
no more!

Now who dwarfs who
the sea is full
the moon is beautiful?
Nylee Oct 2019
I am parched
Following the craze
I am dying with hunger
But walking towards
the wrong direction
I am famished
feeling the thirst increase
dying with unease
cannot find what I need
In the places where I am searching
TheWitheredSoul May 2019
Bestie:I loved you more than she ever could.I cared for you more than she ever did.I priortised you more than anyone in my life.Yet You chose her over me everytime.Why? why?Do you Ignore me the same way she ignored you?
Me:Dear bestie,its not like i am ignoring you the same way she did, I can never let her place be filled by someone else.I loved her and i always will Love her the way she deserves to be whether or not she loves me back.
A heartful converations of a withered soul
Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2018
I may be in a crowd,
With my friends and family,
But without you my love
I am lonely.
You have taken over my thoughts and my heart,
Without you my tears have dried,
My lips are parched,
My heart beats have slowed,
I am in a trance.
If you truly love me,
Come back, my love,
Bring greenery to my arid life.
jayant om Feb 2018

My heart is callous.....
parched like waterless desert with no shades
only because you left me.
DancingEnt Feb 2018
He is water
and she is always p a r c h e d
Though her cup runs over
with just one touch
she knows she will NEVER
Ever not able to get enough of someone? Yeah, that's this.
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