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beth haze Aug 2020
I'll always remember
the smell of the rain
as we climbed up
the tree that rose infront
of my house when we
were nine and how
you asked me out
when we touched
the ground.
You deny it
now and that
truly broke
my heart.
- first love.
beth haze Aug 2020
Voice like honey,
sweetness dripping down every word
I was sure of it even though
I never heard you sing along
to those lyrics that
you wrote.
Soft hair, curling
at the ends my
hands never tangled
on the strands.
Nicest guy you’ll ever meet
even if we didn’t make it past
the third date.
Took me a while to understand
that it wasn’t you that I liked.
Just the idea of you
that occupied my mind.
- idealist.
beth haze Aug 2020
We clashed like the stars
in the galaxy and
became one.
- black dwarf.
I guess it was time for our shine to run out.
beth haze Aug 2020
Golden skin with
the sweetest tone.
You were that
last smooth spoonful
that, although
it’s a bit too much,
no one can resist
eating even when
you know it
will get you
- dulce de leche.
beth haze Aug 2020
I learned to
love the color
yellow in hopes
it would bring me
happiness after you
tinted me
- #E5F469.
beth haze Aug 2020
Soft edges and
bright colors
full of life.
Your features
were graced
by the
A perfect structure,
that’s one of a kind
and not many get to
see in their
What a lucky gal,
aren’t I?
- masterpiece.
beth haze Aug 2020
A part of me feels
like we weren’t supposed
to come across one another.
It’s like the breeze
made us crash into
each other’s arms
on that windy
afternoon in the
- force of nature.
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