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Tahlia-rayne Apr 24
Falling in love feels a lot like falling apart and falling together over and over again
Tahlia-rayne Apr 23
Today you pulled me into you and pressed your mouth softly against my head
Your hands warm and solid against my back
Your laugh cut through my chest and I fell in love with you
I don't think I'll ever tell you but it scares me
I want to tell you to jump with me
That you'll be okay with yourself and it's okay to find that happiness in yourself while you find it with me
But I can't push this
I wish you could see what I do
But for now I'll love you and let you give yourself what you need
It's a shame for now that isn't going to be me
Tahlia-rayne Apr 17
You gave me just enough oxygen to light myself on fire
Tahlia-rayne Apr 14
I'm sitting in my kitchen
It's dark and I feel alone
You're in my bed so close but I feel so disconnected to your sleeping mind right now
Do you think about everything I think about?
What could be or how it could fall apart?
How your fingers don't touch me the same way theirs do?
Or how your voice brings calm to my mind like nobody else could
You might be my happy place and I hope it doesn't scare you
I wish I knew what you thought about this
About us
Maybe one day you'll tell me
Tahlia-rayne Apr 14
When you're with me all I think about is you
How you touch me
How you taste
Your sweet words comforting me and softening my chest
But when you're gone my mind pulls it all apart
Tearing the memory apart until I'm sure I was in it alone
Tahlia-rayne Apr 14
I think I'm just a little bit scared right now
Everything feels so comfortable so fast with you
Do I have a right to feel this safe?
So happy?
Why does it worry me so?
Tahlia-rayne Apr 14
You're in my bed counting sheep
Blissfully unaware that my mind is pulling apart my thoughts and stitching them back together over and over
What if this is one sided?
Am I in this feeling alone?
I know you'll eventually make your way out of this and move on to the next
But what if you feel this too?
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