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faye Dec 2019
Lost love.
I ripped pages and pages of perfectly composed stories of where we could've been
To what we could've had
And to how we ended.
And you know what's the most craziest part about this?
The conclusion.
I loved you, while you're too busy 'loving' her.
faye Dec 2019
Like I hope one day, eventually your name will be erased out of my mind.
Ur name wouldn't bring back bittersweet memories like before.
Cause then, when I am fully healed, I would be able to love someone without the unwanted toxins in it.
Anything would just be enough, eventually in time.
So I'm guessing that right now, it's just a temporary goodbye.
the first letter of every sentence, love.
faye Jul 2019
And the epiphany of it all was when we looked into each others eyes and I saw galaxies in yours while you saw nothing in mine.
thanks, love.
faye Jul 2019
He was my rose. my one and only unique rose.
I took care of my rose.
I gave my rose my sun, so that I can keep him warm during the coldest and frigid days.
Then I gave my rose my moon.
It was to remind him that there there's still hope during the darkest of the nights.
And then offer him my favourite.
The stars.
It was a metaphor for our intergalactic love.
No matter how much distance is stretched between us, it was for my rose to know that I'll still be here shining light on his hopes and dreams.
But my rose wilted.
My rose said that my love was not enough.
I saw galaxies in my rose's eyes but yet he couldn't find a single star in mine.
I was blinded by the thorns that came with him and yet instead I called it love.
you be playing.
faye Jun 2019
Written in the cards, they say
"There is someone out there who would like to tell you something."
But really,
I just think of it as nothing.
I don't want to believe it when you say that it's true
When you say
I like you too.
My second poem to you. I want this to be true. I really do.
faye Jun 2019
"So is this what we are? Friends with benefits, right?"
Oh, right.
That's what I say but my heart is saying something else. I love you with my whole entire heart, dude. Get it right.
faye Jun 2019
They say that the average heart beats between 60-100 beats per minute.
But when I see you, it's so much more than that.
My heart beats so fast it feels like I'm about to have a heart attack.
But if a heart attack is the only way for me to feel your love,
If this is what it takes,
Then I'll just let it be.
my first poem to you.

— The End —