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Kairi Sep 30
A dream at night
You and that beautiful sight

Earrings floating on gentle air
Just embracing your silky hair

That sunshine on your face
Felt like god's grace

Blinking eyes like that
My heart and a skipped beat
The closer I move
yet some distance to feat

But that was just a dream
Pain in that silent scream
A hope as I closed my eyes
Dark night and a deep sigh...
Kairi Mar 2022
All I want is to be a wave...
     Just to bring you home...
Kairi Feb 2022
Everyone's sky
is different ...
the sky
is different
for everyone...
Kairi Feb 2022
Things that hurt you
will be the memories
that will heal you
tomorrow ...
Kairi Jan 2022
Some morning dews,
brought me peace
When even the rain,
couldn't settle my chaos...
Kairi Sep 2021
Peaceful mind.
And a chaotic heart.
Kairi Sep 2021
What if I ever regret my regrets ...
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