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Em Jul 2023
Seeing how often you minimize our relationship,
you can’t blame me for thinking us into nothing
Em Jul 2023
I hate that I yearn for your attention
And that you're right about me
It's been over 6 years
(2.396 days to be exact)
And I still dream about waking up next to you
Em Sep 2019
tell me that i was enough for you,
     that i'm still enough.
tell me how lost you are without me,
     that you look for traces of me in everyone you meet.
Em May 2019
I don’t miss you,
but I miss the way your arms felt like home
Em Mar 2019
i should’ve known from the beginning
you were waving the red flag and i’m a bull,
charging right past them
then turning around and doing it again, again, again
until one of us is hurt enough to cease the dance
Em Feb 2019
you show up at my door for the first time in months. i see you, and it’s like you never even left. your eyes hold mine and the only way i can describe it is *******. you don’t even need to touch me for me to feel you. i hate you, you love me and i love you too, again. but you have to go, again, and i feel naked, wondering if this was finally our goodbye.
Em Feb 2019
how many times can i fall for the same soul
over and over, always in new bodies,
but the same nonetheless
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