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SEHO Dec 2018
Pixels seem glue
Every one of them watching you
Brighter than light
Is the screen that is on at night

Blue is the reflection on your eyes
Are you looking in empty skies?
Unwilling to stop because it is
The neverending screen that you will miss

It was once not here, not there
Now it is everywhere
But where are you, where are you really?

Everyone knows, except for you
That is what your screen will do to you

That what has always been seen
Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
A portal to another world,
glass so thick that I'm unsure I'll ever pass through.
There you dwell, constant and incredible,
so close to me,
so far from you.
This window, often changing,
goes with me on my journeys.
In size and shape it varies-
but you remain
Still, what I wouldn't give to pass through
that teasing threshold
and into your warm and waiting arms.
A million little pixels...
that’s all that’s left of **you
beth eve Oct 2015
my mum used to joke
    that my eyes would turn square
if i looked at pixels too long.
i remember the scare
that my pupils would bend
into inky black stamps,
and my retinas bleached
from the machinery glow.
that i would wander the streets
only for children to point
and scream
while their own mothers tutted
'you still want that playstation
for christmas?'
now i'm grown up
and that vision has died,
as the streets are all littered
with others, square-eyed.
i can imagine their
xylophone skeletons as
their fingers tap fast
on the tiny blue screens;
it's no wonder we aren't
very good with
eye contact.
i'm sorry mum,
we've all been entrapped
in this pixellated blur
of technological time lapse.
and i guess all these
square pegs can't fit
into the round holes
that they used to be,
in a world that we cannot
a little poem that i bashed out late at night in a very short (and sleepy) time. pop over to my blog for more - <3
poetplease May 2015
Sometimes when you look at something hard
enough you can see its pixels,
when you spend to long focused and color starts to fade
and light becomes a blending tool.
Looking but not seeing.
When shape defines what you see,
and color is a first thought,
... and you've seen everything, or nothing.
Staring at these pixels,
       and images
            On my screen

It's cracked now
       Just a little damaged
     Been that way for a while
Kinda like my heart
But I continue to read and write
        All day long
Waiting to see your smile
Waiting to get that one message...
         I love you

It will come
      Like your words always do
I may have to wait
Oh! How much I hate to wait!
I know I'll get the message
    Soon enough
Until then I'll wear this smile
      Staying strong
          Acting tough
My particular favorite is...  

Hey babe, how's your day?
        I know it's been awhile
            But can I please
                Just see you smile?

Cause you know how I love to rhyme,
    And although you're not a poet
        You still try and that's more than fine!
Cause then you say...

I'm a poet and didn't know it!

Every time!

Staring at this cracked screen
   Is what gets me through my day
    Just like fixing
        My cracked heart
Is what gets you through
    You don't have to wait very long
        To see

*I love you too.
Marly May 2014
made of pixels?
hah, if i wanted pixels i would have played nintendo 64 with my neighbour down the street and angrily whispered "h-e-double hockey sticks" under my breath as one of my pixelated hearts faded away.
you are anything but intangible; i can feel your pulse across two countries.
our hearts are undeniably made of flesh.
i know that word grosses you out,
but the blood pumping, orifice-filled organs in our chests constantly beat with the ferocity of 109 percussionists drumming on the queen's birthday.
hearts are not meant for beautification; one cannot get a cosmetic surgery on their heart to impress the girl next door.
it's up to you to pair with your just-as-ugly brain to prove how beautiful love can be. prove how beautiful our love can be. ❤

— The End —