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I need you in the moment
when I tell my friends I want to die
and they don’t even care
let alone even notice that I’m there

I need you in the moment
when I cry in the middle of the night
and I don’t remember why
let alone why it hurts so much

I need you in the moment
when I take the little courage that I have
and stand up, only for them to dismiss me
let alone change

I need you in the moment
when I show my cuts on display to the world
and the only thing anyone gives is judgement
let alone SAVE ME

I need you in the moment
when everyone else survives
and leaves you to rot in the darkness
let alone comfort me

I need you in the moment
when I realize I’m manipulative
and that this is all my fault
because I’m the problem
in my life
that sabotages my every move
and needs to LEAVE

Because I need you
in that moment
that you’re not there
because you were never anywhere
Let alone here
yellow-thoughts Feb 2018
is there something wrong?
i have so many words
but i can't find the right ones
which would save us
why are you depending on me?
William Michener Dec 2015
Advancments of technology are neverending
And the world will never stop depending
What ever happened to a letter
Or if people just hung out together
Instead of using Skype
Go outside and see the light
Harriette May 2015
i think my biggest mistake was thinking you were the only thing that could make me happy

— The End —