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Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
split the ears
gentle butterfly
perhaps left behind
slow flap
atop your sanctum
deep spot
your hearts protection
subconsciously hidden
mirrored room
reflecting brilliance
furthest spot
Big Bang
swordplay battling
angled light
deepest beginning
echoing of nothing
significant insignificance
forever remaining
Rizna M Rameez Sep 2018
What I want
In you
Is someone who'd never say
When I grow older, the thing I look forward to most is a best friend who'd never say goodbye. Who'd never leave my life.
Because I'm tired of having to let go of every friend I ever have. Because I leave. I've always left. Moving away. Goodbyes are easier now. But that doesn't make me yearn any less.
Brandon Brazel Sep 2018
Why do I let you mess with my head?
I’m always laying here clueless in bed.
Trying to think of things I can shred like Zed,
But we know it’s fiction,
That Pulp said he’s dead.
Maybe I should chill,
Pop another med,
But now I’m letting something else put me back in my head.
I’m stranded, lonely, I only know to put paper to lead.
To sum it up,
You ****** me,
Nuff said.
I have nothing to Else to say.
Brittany Hall Aug 2018
The sun has barely risen.
The birds; already signing.
Today is the day I must forget the fact that you've been missing.
I am the queen, I do this on my own.
Never will a peasant tread near my royal throne.
My princess lost her father, but he would never lose his daughter.
We share an unbreakable bond, yours was temporary and weak like solder.
You melt away, never to be seen,
When the temperature rises; we could never be a team.
Send me the blacksmith, a real, strong man.
One who's not afraid to burn his hands.  
Surely he'd know, I can heal his wounds.
How would you though? You left so soon.
To you, the queen will always be Mother.
You have no need for me, a more than significant other.
Today is the day I let it all go.
You'll never forget, that this is my show.
Glory May 2018
There is a tree
that rests upon a white bookshelf. Unheard yet all-seeing it is constructed of marble flesh and bronze painted skin. Only the bravest of imaginative minds can possibly fathom the smooth texture that adorns it and the stroke of detail that dances on the surface. Draped in glittering, soft pink leaves, it tells of long-lost stories. Tales,
tainted with sadness and passion. It taught a thousand soldiers, forgiveness. And patiently waited for a
baby's first laugh.
Arlene Corwin Apr 2018
I'm editing my next book "Definitely Didactic"  and in coming across this one, I decided - this must go out long before the book. Listening to and about other's woes,  I just fell in love with it.

        You Never Know The Clout You Have

You never know the clout you have,

Clout a blow or target;

Most of all effect or power

You exert by being you.

Take care! Be careful, scared! Be wary!

Everything you say, you do -

Each word, each vow, an influence.

In circumstance an ambience

You pray will be benevolent.

You, you, you in all you do;

And you have impact.

Make a pact with mental you

To be a kind and gentle you,

Giving out rewarding vibes,

Enriching, beneficial, fruitful.

You, yourself a scribe imbibing

Influences from abroad,

From world untoward – in discord!

Take some in and turn them ‘round.

You abound in power.

You can be man* of the hour

Just by being who you are.

You can be the lucky star

Of every person you encounter.

So remember!

You ne’er know the clout you have

To save what ever may occur.

* of course woman too!

You Never Know The Clout You Have 4.29.2017 Definitely Didactic; Coffee Book II; Arlene Corwin
You are significant!
KM Hanslik Mar 2018
I think we're all just
flailing our arms around calling it dancing
trying to orient our sense of direction when technology fails us,
finding yard sticks to measure up our own morality.
I think we're all
a little dumb, a little lost
wandering around bumping into one another
and calling it love.
I don't think any of us really know
why we're here, what we're doing,
who we should be with.
I think the world's a bit of a mess.
Who's defining
our moral compass?
What if beauty was preserved?

Will it still carry the same significance?
Will preservatives slur her growth?
Will she still become who she was destined to be?
Will her natural beauty be enough to deny any need of preservation?
saranade Oct 2017
Give an insignificant person
The opportunity to be significant
And they'll change everything!
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