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SomeOneElse Apr 2019
Trapped alone inside of me
Longing to set myself free
Wishing that I just knew how
That I could talk to you right now
My tongue is tied
My body stiff
Striking out another whiff
My tongue is tied
And body frozen
Wishing someday
To be chosen

Wish I knew just what to say
And how I wish this were the day
But you are so beautiful
And my shyness plentiful

My tongue is tied
My body stiff
Striking out another whiff
My tongue is tied
And body frozen
Wishing someday
To be chosen

Intimidated by your looks
Your stunning beauty has me hooked
Wish I knew just what to do
Wishing I could talk to you
My tongue is tied
My body stiff
Striking out another whiff
My tongue is tied
And body frozen
Wishing someday
To be chosen
my tongue is tied
A song I wrote while waiting to sing at the bar
Benton 254 Dec 2018
I thought of the idea I couldn't weep
I thought of the idea i couldn't sleep
Late night movies watching creep
Never been a champ at my crib
Loved her and treated her like my rib
Into the throne like a queen
Old songs i sang to my sleep
Tormented enough not for my dream
Thousand opportunities i saw them slip
Into the night the rain falls still
Thunders strikes hard
Turn up my eyes to the dark gay sky and I strain still
Did my exams at the main
Hard day for love I felt the lain
Never greed
But felt the slain
Never promised to love again
Last time caused my manners had my feeds
This ain't the old you knew
But a replica  of whats new..
late night talks
Its a rainny night and thoughts flood like roads from the heavy rain that fell heavy....
All about love and being love back...
OpenWorldView Sep 2018
I was blinded, stunned,
by a thousand bright suns.

A star so young and charming
raised my spirit to never known highs.

But the sparkle only lasted moments
for my courage descended into night.
OpenWorldView Nov 2018
There she is, standing alone,
waiting, like every day,
with me as her silent shadow.

Silver rain falls in great drops
and a cold breeze gives her shivers
causing me equal agony.

Her raven hair makes the pale skin
shine white, clean like a statue.
A sight which stops everything around.

She looks my way, giving a sign
and her scarlet lips open like flowers
seducing me, making me blush.

But fool, now she’s gone
and I stand alone, waiting,
like every day, for her return.
So as I sat,
With her besides me
About 2 feet apart
Watching all the others work
I thought of what I wanted to say
And felt cold sweats emerging
It's been too long since I last
Felt this way
Too long since I had to do this
My head turned towards her
But slowly shifted
Heavily breathing
I turned my head again
A little less this time
And looked in the distant,
Hoping maybe she'd talk
5 minutes of this and I had enough
So I gathered some courage
And just blurt out what came to mind
Smirking, she replied back
And as I kept making things up
I realised
I'm not the shyest person in the room
And that's in itself
A rather confronting
Somewhat confusing of a feeling
And as the extent of what I could think
Crossed my lips
There was silence
And we both just sat
Confused to say the least
Wondering if maybe
She just didn't want to talk
When you have to
Hype yourself up before you speak
Repeat and rehearse your conversation
You're never really
In a place to lead conversation
And you'd think
You'd hope
Other's would take this job
But now I find myself stuck
The point,
Ah yes,
The point being
There is none
Thing's just get wierd
Wierd enough
That sometimes
You struggle to figure out
What really happened
2 hours of this
2 hours of silence from her lips
And once we our work was done
She left
Yes, I've written a **** one. But just needed to get this thought out
An introvert sees the world as it is,
deciding still, not to engage.
Brent Kincaid May 2018
She sits in her room
Beside her lonely loom
And dreams of times of grace
And suitors come to her place.
But no one has come here,
So she sings the songs
Of being alone too long.

None will come so near
That she needs to flirt.
Instead she gathers her hurt
And weaves it into tapestries
Of such stunning majesty
That only she will applaud,
Because there is no god
That will transform her to be
A lady of famous beauty.

She never has known why
She was born forbiddingly shy.
She fears to speak and convince,
Always she is prone to wince
Instead of smiling and inviting.
Her lovely pale face whitening
With dread she cannot speak
And that makes her feel weak.

The sun rises and it sets
She has nothing to regret
Or to remember gladly
But sadly she has grown
Comfortable being alone
Since  the pain is remembered
And she never delivered
From the roaring noise
Of life without love’s joys.
an0nym0us Apr 2018
Time flies by
Forgetting you is a lie
Befriending you, I was too shy
I never had a chance to even say hi.

I can't deny, I do miss you
But the time I had was too few,
In order to get close to you,
All I can do is stare at you.

Poems I wrote about you are meaningless
Thinking about you is pointless
Even wishing to speak to you is useless
Because I know its impossible, not because I'm faithless.

Such bad luck
Confidence I lack
Here's a fun fact
Not even in friendzone, I am stuck.

Well, I can't bring back time
Now it all ryhme
To me its just fine
I never wished for you to be mine.

I fake my smiles
My distance to you are thousand miles
I Allways act like I'm fine
Because I never crossed the line.

This is going to be my last
I'll just say this fast
I may never gain your trust
To my heart, you are free at last.
The harder my grip, the more pain I'll feel...
But if I let go, time will fly and my wounds will heal...
Christina Hale Apr 2018
I hate awkward silence
So I laugh *******
Conversation has run dry
Anxiety gone awry
And I'm left wondering why
I'm so shy
Painfully shy
'Cause it's getting painful for me to hide
How I feel inside
I just wanna scream and cry
But I
Just laugh
I hate awkward silence
I hate awkward silence

Deep down inside there is this emptiness that's waiting to be filled with people who are interested in knowing I
Because I really am not so shy
If I feel you are open, compassionate, kind, and comfortable with to confide
We all got demons that we try and hide
But I dislike and sometimes cannot control being quiet and shy
But if I try to fight being quiet and shy I would say something stupid, turn red, and talk funny, like I got something caught in my throat because it's uncomfortable for me
'Cause I'm just not ready
I guess it takes a while for a clam to come out of its shell
Well, I hate awkward silence
I hate awkward silence
So I laugh *******
Then people look at me *******
But it's just my way of saying I'm friendly, you can talk to me
Aw ****, I hate awkward silence
I hate awkward silence
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