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Banana Jul 2022
Abortion access and rights are being slashed and women’s voices silenced by forced pregnancy and poverty..
So when I got my period this month I felt the need to celebrate.
I don’t have to grow a life to participate in an existence I myself can’t justify.
I won’t have to raise a daughter as an incubator for a state of lies.
Banana Jun 2022
I want to live my life effortfully.
I want to expend my energy while I have it and chase things that are meaningful if only to anyone but myself.
I want to feel in my bones that I am god. My own personal god. The voice I hear in my head, I want to know without a doubt her power.
Banana May 2022
I don’t really understand god,
But the god everyone speaks of must be biology and exist somewhere in the cycle of all life—
in birth and death, joy and suffering.
Everything inevitable and unpredictable.
Banana Mar 2022
I'm scared that 'becoming' who I am is just an acceptance of realities others have created. Maybe the older we get the more entrenched we become in what we perceive to be the truth; the more we experience of our tiny existence, the more we believe in it.
"The way of life we live, a life we have never really chosen, forces us to walk past what we see."
Banana Mar 2021
We’re all afflicted with the same blindness,
grabbing at objects in the dark,
Fighting because we don’t know better
Banana Mar 2021
Within a moment I understand the universe— and then it is gone.
Banana Mar 2021
If you wonder about truth you realize a singular thing doesn’t have one truth but many, from many different angles reflected in a million mirrors.
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