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KathleenAMaloney Sep 2016
Do We War For Money
Or For Fame
Is It Power
Or Hidden Shame?

And Then They Were One
gray rain Apr 2016
I don't really know you
and you've never been close to me
I've never even met you
but sometimes you message me

I'm 13 years younger
but I never seemed to wonder
why you never knew
until one night my dad found you

he hasn't seen you for years
but he never thought this day would come
where he could know his first daughter
even though you are no longer the only one
Poetic T Jul 2015
The frustrations of a flower
Wilting never to watered by
That heart again, only now
Do the petals fall like tears.
Poetry May 2015
Fathers are supposed to protect you
Be there for you
But mine seems to think I'll ruin his life
The coward is still afraid of responsiblity even though its been sixteen years since he knocked up my mum.

He has three other kids you know
One whom died not so long ago
One who he also ditched at birth but he sees her now
And a tiny wee baby called Riley

I don't want to see that ****
But I'd do anything to meet that wee baby
I've seen photos and hes grown sooo much
And im glad that coward didn't run out on Riley because that baby deserves a father as much as the next person.

Hope to meet you one day little one ♥
sainche micano Mar 2015
i thought i were polite
so i gave my patience
i gave my tolerance
to you the impatient
to you..oh
you sigh ripper
well you heard me breath
bet you're proud now
of how my heart spoke
as your mind played
this is my heart you messed
and the pieces are unforgiving
so you'll drag a curse
to swell with the pain
of losing me the innocent
me the naive minded
...oh dear dungeon
i refer to you
in all the evil i confront
because you took the precious of me
and clearly laid me to shame i thought you loved me more
more than maternity
...i should have known
beasts live in souls
and you wore a beautiful corpse
Geary evans Dec 2014
Give me a minute to think
I am sorry if I am taking long
Please believe In my words
Tell me I am trying don't leave without saying I tried
Love story
Chloe Oct 2014
You tell me it doesn't have to be this way
I can have it any way
And I say, if I can have it my way then so can you
If we both want it two different ways, what will we do?
liz Sep 2014
Laughs echo down
the halls around you.
Your are seperated from
the happiness.
You have to remind yourself:
I exist.

Everyone around you
is talking.
You are seperated from
their madness.
You have to remind yourself:
I exist.

Lives seem to move on
around you.
You are seperated from
the adventure.
You have to remind yourself:
I exist.

In night and day:
I exist.
In time and history:
I exist.
I have flesh and a heart:
I exist.

As painful as it is to walk, it's the most beautiful thing.
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