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William Daniel Jan 2017
In the hue of a spring afternoon,
Where the bright whites splotched
Saturated with oranges and yellows,
The blur of green bled through,
And came into focus, came into view.

Sat there, in front of the house,
Bottom-framed with stone,
The tree itself stood by
In all its humble roots.

He came to know every family that moved
In and out over the years,
And through all strengths of weather he stayed
To live another day; day after day.

It was around this time of year, however
The waving breeze flips and turns around his leaves
On the branch ends with a knowing gesture.
The orange and yellow sunlight rays flicker through
Projecting its shadowed figures across the trunk,
And the light show in between.

The tree enjoyed it all,
The only time of the year it saw itself again.

And it would only see itself again, day after day,
Day after day.
William Daniel Sep 2016
as an audience anxiously awaits
an adequate answer
an admittedly artificial
academic administration addresses action
and announces afternoon activities available
at an auditorium all asleep,
absently applauding away.

barry's basketball bounces back behind
by blueberry bush
bound by belief baseball's better,
barry barters, begs basically,
blindly balancing between *****:
baseball or basket
but barry boasts both.

city civilians cross carefully,
crowded, cold christmas crosswalk
counting countless cars
casually, cabs crammed close in clusters
constantly coughing chemicals
citizens carelessly creating catastrophe.

dusty dreary downtown dallas diner delight
dreamy desert delicacies delicious, delightful
dan danced decisions deciding, daring
diner downpayment deplete dollars.
don't ding **** ditch dan's diner door
drop by, drool on dan's delicious delicacies.

even enormous endangered elephants
eat everything entry-level edible.
entire eons erasing, each era escaping
eventually enough endangered
easily enters enxtinction, ending everywhere
entirely empty encounters.
even empires entertain enemy error.

friends, families, fixate in front
for films favor favorable focus.
fancy film fastival, foreigners fill first
filmmakers flock, finding familiar faces
facing forward, feeling fairly fortunate.
"five, four" finally flash
fear fades fast.
will periodically continue to update poem with more stanzas
How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot,
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned.
A quote by Alexander Pope....I have got it from the profoundly beautiful movie "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)"
  Jun 2016 William Daniel
And more than echoes talk along the walls.

'Tis education forms the common mind. Just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclin'd.

I am his Highness' dog at Kew; pray tell me, sir, whose dog are you?

Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.
William Daniel Jun 2016
Fragile flickering celluloid reels
Behind the light of the projector
A single beam of changing colors
Displayed on the silver screen ahead.
Fixtures dim and black the room
Filled an audience anxious and waiting,
Waiting to see what’s to be seen.
I love the look of film!
In its variety of size and color
35mm and 70
Digital and Film
Black and white to Technicolor
Three dimensions or two.
The history of an art form
Forming before your eyes
Seen here are the scenes of time
From anywhere that’s been seen
A dynamic show of lives lived and lost
Brought in pieces pieced together
By those much like us
Unfolding a world survived
By war and a way of life lost
Fallen years ago
Survived by the look of cellulloid
A world encompassed in film;
Where time is never lost
And life is always found.


— The End —