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Andre Jul 2016
And so I'm reminded, of blue and of silver

One year has gone by and I'm still yet to deliver.

Lovers may leave, and I'll never forget.

**** blue and silver, I have not one regret.
Happy birthday.
Andre Jul 2016
Blue and silver, blue and silver.

Dancing and spinning: Adorning the gift he delivers.

Blue and silver, silver and white.

A gift never given: Lovers only fight.
Andre Apr 2015
Stylistically I'm jaded.

Minimalism has me trading:
My loud for my quiet.
My big for my small.
My tall for my short.
My yellow for my blue.

My lie for my true.
Andre Apr 2015
Body (and what a body)
Andre Apr 2015
We can't have colour on our profiles.

We can't have colour on our streets.

We can't have colour on our bodies.

We can't have *colour?
Andre Apr 2015
Bone, exposing chromosomes while you're all alone getting dome.
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