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  Apr 2018 Lin
No Name
Don't run away
It's safe here.
It's safe from anxiety
It's safe from pain
It's safe from prejudice
It's safe from suffering
It's safe from trouble

Stay and continue to write
your words are special
no matter where you are
or who you are.

Stay and Write
Write and give hope
For yourself and for others!
Write and give hope!
  Feb 2018 Lin
I have a million words to say
How I'm hollow today.
Yet, no one can hear me.


If I drown myself into water
To washed away this aches forever,
Will you see my worth?

If tonight, I drank this seven pills
To stop this heart that kills,
Will see my pain?

If I hang myself in the ceiling
To end this empty feeling
Will you wish to fixed me?


I tried to be a conqueror.
I tried to be a survivor.
But, no one is here to be my listener.
To my fellow Filipino, if you are having a hard time right now and thinking to end things, stop. Please. 804-4673, the HOPE hotline is here for you. Ready to listen, ready to help you.
Remember, you are not alone.
  Feb 2018 Lin
empty seas
you handed
me a box
and I said
"thank you"
like I was
taught to

Then you
and carefully
as I climbed
right into
I'm messing around with my style.
  Jan 2018 Lin
empty seas
i want to
s c r a t c h  m y  s k i n  o f f
peel it off my body
in a desperate attempt
to set free the
self-hatred and anxiety

i want to
t a k e  a  k n i f e  t o  m y  f a t
carving it away
shaping my body
into something
that won't disgust me

i want to
s t a r t  o v e r
take an unforgiving blade
to the girl i used to be
run away until my lungs burst
and i'm finally set free
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