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May 2017
I searched for you
In the eyes of the cashier
In the eyes of the lady on her phone
In the eyes of anyone willing to let me search

I couldn't find you
the spark that gripped me
the shine the captivated me in awe
the windows that showed me the soul I fell in love with

Your soul was the loveliest of souls
Pure, Honest, Compassionate, Trustworthy
Pretty much everything God could want in a human being
An absolutely beautiful type of being that made love feel real

Are you searching for me too?
Are you wondering where your baby girl went?
Are you tearing through confused crowds yelling my name?
Do you feel every cell in you telling you that something is wrong?

Because I'm always looking for you
I'm always wondering where you went handsome
I'm fighting my bed sheets at night, screaming your name
Every cell I contain tells me that something is terribly wrong

When I find you handsome, I won't let go
I'll love you beyond the infinities separating us
The heart wrenching deadly cries will finally end
I'm waiting for the day I find you, my handsome
Handsome, please come back, Handsome please
Written by
   becoming again and NV
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