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LB Aug 2020
Just drag me down
to the pit, I call home
Old sneakers and old secrets
***** socks and ***** girls

I can't help to stare at the sun
I want to know how to make shadows
Let my eyes drip out of my skull
I think I've seen enough
LB Jul 2020
A common story for Boys
Brothers and husbands
Emotional   Blockage
Like an ingrown toenail
Bloodier every step, concealed by
A sock
Like a rock
On a pond, skips   far    far    away
from the sender  
To stink
                             ­                      down
Join the other stones and sticks
Create a *******, ****
Toenails shred through socks,
Nails turn to razors, soon cutting up shoes,
saws will shred jeans, chainsaws through chests,
Then bullets through heads.
LB Jul 2020
I'll lay down on my back
Hands up to the sky
Let the birds eat out my eyeballs
It was only a matter of time
One part of a larger piece
LB Jul 2020
I'm so scared of the future I prevent it from happening.
LB Jul 2020
I don't want to meditate. I'm too scared of my brain
LB Jul 2020
You fell asleep holding my hand so tight. I thought my knuckles bruised.
When I told you, all you said was
                                                              "W­ell of course"
And that's when I knew,
I could never leave you,
I have to be with you,
I'm done looking
and you'll never be alone again.
LB Jul 2020
And the moth came out of her cocoon. She has no time to do what she wants. She will only do what she can. Then she will die because she has no mouth.
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