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Ron Gavalik Nov 2019
Sometimes we crush a bug
in self-defense.
Other times we crush bugs
in annoyance.
However, there are times
when we go out of the way
to step upon a lesser life form.
Such ******* arouses
a sadistic pleasure
we cannot savor or even admit
in civilized society.

–Ron Gavalik
Chante Hinsey Mar 2019
He was very much mentally exhausted from the three previous rounds of word play that we had. But I was very much still aroused.

I needed to grip on his large cranium as he inserted his think logophiled member into the creases of my cerebral.

I wanted him to feel my muscles tightening around his fingers as he caressed my mind.

I needed him to use his tongue to make my brain drip wet like a leaky faucet. I'm wondering if he lost it. Grip on my medulla and massage my grey plump jewel.

I could of done something else to stimulate my brain like reading a book about trains. But what fun would that be when my mate is by my side willing to start mentally ******* me.

I think I went overboard. He has his thinking cap on like the supreme overlord. Should I grab 100 words you never heard. Or just take my defeat and get back to the sheets.

Baby as the pendulum swings
We exist in moment that escapes time
Let my lips service your soul
with great rhetoric when i bend on my knees cause baby about to blow your mind

Should I make his toes curl by the vigorous word use I'm about to hurl.  No I'll just sit back and play defeated like the nymphal  bad girl.
Charlie Gnarly May 2018
Sticky scent arouses my head
Through my spine and down my neck
In my chest is where it goes next
This stickiness is now everywhere

A poem based on my horrific incident as a young child with a jar of honey.
K Balachandran Nov 2017
1.Tried, but I  couldn't take my eyes off her,
she left happily with my eyes allover her.

2.Her eyes were two deep, blue pools,
together,they'll invite me to swim in them,
wasn't I naive to think the other would
get jealous,if i decide to jump in to one
when I saw getting reflected on both,at once
I realized,how easily love took me for a ride!

3.She was a creature,created for delight,
each part,even a strand of hair, strange
had an effect on my  senses any time
and I was made to be attuned to  her always!
each act of her could both invigorate or tranquilize.
but only on their own sweet will,i found
The effects of a psychedelic drug,I felt
in her presence, one I have never ever taken!

4.My error quotient goes perilously high,
when you are somewhere near tome and sigh!

5.With her feminine  fingers locking mine,
my imagination quickly flies sky high
two interstellar travelers are you and I
ready to live out there,on sky in a new high,
without bothering to care for logistics!

6.With each of your love bites arousing,
I fire all my rockets,roaring skywards.
Your teeth play a naughty hide and seek
with my earlobes,I get so wild,you get thrilled
taken over by a seizure,I feel eyes  blue simply ecstatic!
Nicole Bataclan Oct 2015
I take your mind to bed
Any opinion
You ever had,
Stark naked.

I start fondling
Your musings;
I envision
Your thoughts on my skin.

Your ideas enter me;
I feel myself
From all the talking.

All my dreams flow
You, too, are close --
Baby, let me swallow
Any last word.
The Tinkerer Jul 2015
You see, that one woman,
She catches the eye.
On a busy day, you'll see her.
It's love at first sight.

Her locks, HER LOCKS
They flow like the night's sky
Her beauty, an elixir.

Like a fairy she struts.
So carefree, her stride.
Her eyes, they confine you,
So pure, **** near divine.

She walked by,
A shattered world in her wake,
She walked by,
Any man's heart she could take.

She walked by,
And *it was love at first sight.
Have you ever been winded by beauty? Beauty of a kind you never really expect till it hits you and you've lost all sense of the world and you would want to stay, and just immerse yourself into that moment of pure ecstacy?

I think I have
Eli Seth Salazar Nov 2014
No matter how many times you try to ignite the fire, the flame will not kindle without a spark to the fuel.
A gas as thin as air, and as invisible as emotions.
A spark to arouse the very atom of the fire
a spark at the right time, at the right spot.
a spark such as the one we felt when our eyes met for the very first time.
J A M Aug 2014
Your gentle smile
Makes me smile
Your amazing touch
Touches me
Your scent
Arouses me
I desire more
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