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rory May 14
the seagull wildly ***** its wings
soaring in the heavens above the sea

the vivid blues and whites and sparkling lights
are blurry as my eyes follow the shadow of it

the bellow of the rumbling machine,
the soft hissing of the salty water,
and the caws harmonize altogether
seemed to comfort you in your slumber

your face holds a soggy, reddish, unknown look 
and brows furrow in an almost single line,
as the rays of the searing sun graze on your skin

in a place of ever-moving and constant waves
you are still, stagnant, and at peace
as if your world has stopped; ours has not
rory May 11
could it get more hard?
let the ash burn from my mouth
conflicted and tired
rory May 10
all risks are with me
courage—do i even have
that little fledgling?
rory May 10
voyage in the dark
what ghost carries flesh and bones?
let's see and find out
rory May 10
get and yield your sword
cut nightmare into pieces
soon, it will be gone
rory May 10
i was terrified
she walked out with blood and tears
down her cheeks and lips
rory May 10
now let myself hope
until there was nothing left
for me to hope for
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