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Taylor Apr 2020
i lost 5 pounds,  am i skinny enough yet?
i used that lipstick you told me to use, does it look good?

i bought those new clothes everyone wears,  do i look cool enough?
i join the cheer team to fit in more, do they like me yet?

i had *** with that popular guy, am i breaching my adolescence
i started smoking ***, am i a cool enough stoner yet?

i started wear a full-face of makeup, am i attractive enough yet?
i shrunk my waist 5 inches, am i more desired now?

i started skipping school, am i fitting in with the status quo?
i started sneaking out, am i risky enough?

i got my nose pierced , is it edgy enough?
i dyed my hair to the blonde white you have it. so we can match?

i keyed that girls car who's such a freak, is that more acceptable
i bullied that girl and she killed herself, wasn't she such a freak?

im in the hospital now i lost too much weight
i ended up failing school for so much
im in debt for all the clothes i bought

the popular guy ended up getting me pregnant
i got arrested for keying her car and threatening her
my hair ended up falling out from all the bleach

my organs are shutting down from all the weight loss
i ended up addicted to drugs
my face now breakouts from all the products i used

i ruined my parents marriage by sneaking out and lying
i joined the cheer team and ended up trying to fit in
im currently dying ,  do i fit in enough yet?
this is about what we struggle with in our teens years
Taylor Apr 2020
moral of the story
is in the end
what destroys me ?
destroy me
and enjoy
watching me burn
as you throw
more propane
on the fire
and laugh
as you walk
destroy me slowly and you seem to savor every piece
Taylor Mar 2020
Pain form you
Is a memory
That is real as the day
And cold as the night
The pain you give
reminds me constantly
of things at night that shouldn't have happened
yet your laughing
the pain reminds me of things
that make me cry myself to sleep
nightmares brewing throughout my sleep
selecting crying through my teeth
Reminding me of who I used to be
Reminding me of who I was
once again i am awakened
from my terrible sleep
  Mar 2020 Taylor
Daisy Hemlock
These "poems" I write are only meant for me
I keep them away from prying eyes,
Where no one can see.

Because why should one receive "likes"
For the metaphors constructed by their minds
In an losing battle to get a grip on reality?

These collections of words
These regurgitations of the imagination
Hardly even belong to me.

If I am not my mind,
Then who am I?
Or is that question irrelevant?

Words in themselves do not belong to anyone
But the order in which one happens to put them together
Is somehow different?

My attempts to understand anything are futile.
So for now, I will say
That these "poems" I write are only meant for me
That I will I keep them away from prying eyes,
For no one to see.

I refuse to be judged,
By something as absurd as these peculiar markings,
Lost in this peculiar system.

I refuse to care about whether people like what I have to say. Yet for some reason, I do it anyway.
Taylor Mar 2020
your every word
reeked of toxicity
but i ignored it
and continued to love you
which is my biggest regret
went through a toxic breakup and im trying to relearn what love it
Taylor Mar 2020
we are expected to be held
to a certain standard of living
in which we maintain our facades
and navigate the web of lies
the society has trained us to say
in certain situations that call for them
at what point did we decide
to care about what society thinks
who decided that skinny was good?
and blond hair and blue eyes was perfect
and a dark tan meant good health
that certain brands meant you were a high-roller
at what point did we start giving a ****
about what the worlds standards were
at what point did we lose ourselves
and become tiny pieces of each other
at what point did we become pieces of everybody else
its sad to see we are made of pieces of others
at what point did we lose ourselves
and forget who we really are
i forgot who i was finally
staring into the glare
of a fiery future of people
who are mindless drones
of society
lately I've been noticing everyone is losing themselves and becoming what society wants
Taylor Mar 2020
beautiful darling i know its hard
to have your scattered dreams and hopes thrown around
but tomorrow you need to get up
and fix your crown
don't let him have that power over you
because that my dear
is letting him win
so get up beautiful
and stand tall and smile
because today is your day
with your crown
here beautiful you dropped your crown <3
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