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Taylor Oct 20
you do this everytime
with tears, collecting my things for good
you are my past now
about how well we finally have to leave
Taylor Oct 20
i keep
getting dragged
back out to sea
by the restless waves
that he created
so i can't escape
its his sick games
to keep me coming back to him
I hate him
Taylor Apr 17
This girl is empty
A once full glass
Shattered across the floor
Delicate little pieces
Littering the floor
This girl is once again
Another little one I thought up
Taylor Apr 16
Am I enough
Surely I ponder
It doesn't seem to be
Another layer of makeup applied
Another drink from the bottle
Different relationship this week
Drowning my troubles in things
All of this I ponder down to the depths
Am I enough?
I don't rightly know
I look up at the woman
Ma'am I don't know
Been thinking this is a quick write sorry if it's bad enjoy!
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