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Ylzm Sep 2020
The Day is the Year is the Month
Not of passage but of transit
Evening to Morning, Dark to Light

And Seven Days decreed as a Week
Unmarked, of abstraction, not perception
And Seven of Seven is the Week of Weeks

Of Time marked by the Sun
The Pentecost and Jubilee is the Day
After Seven of Seven Days and Years

But of Time marked by the Moon,
the Seventh is the First, the First, the Seventh
And Seven of Seven is 42 months or 1260 Days

Now what do the Stars do for time?
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
We tried it sweet and low.
We tried to step in time.
No one needs to know,
We own the sky.
We run too fast,
For everyone else.
We’ve got nothing else to lose.
We’ve got our strutting shoes,
Strutting down the lot.
And for all else, prepare the noose.
We’ll let them hang down low.
They’ll sink to the ocean floor.
We will be ourselves,
And nothing more.

Now harmony’s locked down,
Everyone’s looking out.
Don’t be too late for the show,
The best in Tinsel Town.
Deep water never drowns.
Our drive for all to know,
Our conquest of this contest.
Stand up tall and dress your best.
Pick your frame.
Write your name.
Glossy black and white pictures.
Love’s the greatest mixture.

This time’s for free,
So sing sweet jubilee.
Soft and sweet by design.
Sweet and low,
And it’s not for show.
You and me,
We can fly.
Dancing in one accord,
Just my type.
Freedom is free
Kaitlin Evers Feb 2018
Alone by a wharf
Peaceful yet forlorn
Wishing I could morph
To mask how badly I'm worn
Wish I was strong
The way I used to be
But where I am, is where I belong
The pain will pass, there'll be jubilee
But first I have to crush the glass of the once before chary and elusive me
Peter Balkus Oct 2016
On the tube,
on the Jub-
ilee line,
feeling fine.
Almost fine.
Out of ten - nine,
or maybe eight,
if not seven.
Tube ain't heaven
more like hell,
feeling unwell
I'd give it six
out of ten,
no, five, man,
four, or less,
three, it's a mess
crowdy, jeez,
two I'd give,
one, oh, no,
getting worse,
can't breath now,
zero out
of ten, ouch,
let me out,
let me out!
Seth Milliman Dec 2015
Inspirational flares,
Like starlit skies.
Bring forth a chance of renewal,
Life to barren styes.
After glow jubilee,
Remorse in tow.
The forward thinking motion,
Of what you think you know.
But what is known,
Is other's thinking out loud.
The written verses word,
Shouted more than the silence sow.
So with this jump of a renewed release,
Will the motion stay forward or end up dead deceased?
Tex Dermott Aug 2015
All the books are cleared
No more debts
No more liens
All properties are returned
The past is buried
This shadorma is based on the Jewish year of Jubilee.

— The End —